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space wars


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Glad you like :)

Well.. It is just a sort of test ;)

But I am planning to implement certain features like sound and network play into SpaceWars2 first. Because it's a simpler game it's easier to test this kind of stuff in there first before porting them to A2k. So if all goes well you can expect a version of SpaceWars2 with both sound and network play before to long.

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In 90% of the cases where it runs slow it's because of the lack of OpenGL drivers on you computer. First make sure that your videocard supports OpenGL (One of the following cards should work: Any nVidia card [TNT, TNT2, GeForce], ATI Radeon, 3dfx Voodoo 2..5, but also a lot of other cards).

The problem is that you ussually don't get OpenGL drivers when you install the drivers for your card. The standard drivers are the software OpenGL drivers made by Micro$oft which are VERY slow. Your best bet would be to go to www.glsetup.com and see if you card is supported. If it is you should download the install programm and install new OpenGL drivers. This should alleviate the problem.

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