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We have been thinking of introducing a TB aspect to the game and perhaps expanding off of Dune to other planets to widen the scope of the game. This will of course lessen the RTS "feel" of the game but you will still have battles but without the full out base building. This COULD allow tanks to be introduced over time but I still don't think we should be creating wacked out tanks like those in WW games and infantry should still be the main fighting force during battles.

With this idea you would have more diplomatic and management options in between battles which most of the team thinks is a good idea. But I would like to see what the rest of you think about this idea. Keep in mind this isn't finalized, we should know more friday after our chat.

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My proposal, everyone on the dev team has probably heard this already.....

You have the galactic map view from Master of Orion 2

The intricate diplomacy of Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri

The customability of Master of Orion 2 (regarding Houses)

A completely new economic model that involves all the major commodities from the duniverse

The 3D RTS element from Shogun: Total War, with the same engine as we are planning on using now

Fief management should be pretty intricate since at most you will have 3 or 4.

All the independent (and sometimes not so independent) factions like the Bene Gesserit, Guild, and CHOAM (details haven't been worked out).

Not sure about the time frame, that will create a few problems regarding what to do with the Imperial House, it could take place in a period of unrest ie. a situation like after the Butlerian Jihad when humanity wasnt really unified.

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Man, I haven't been here in such a long time that I've forgotten to see how this game's coming along a year later:o, at least it's going well:), well I can't have an opinion on this cos I don't really have that much knowledge of Dune or the books, though the TB play sounds interesting, though having tanks will spoil the play, we went over this in high detail I remember last year, but yeah, I think if you stick to finishing the game first, you could try implementing it as a patch or the like. It's an idea though if you want you could add it into the code now, though that would take a couple more months I'd reckon.

Oh yeah, seeing that I have ADSL now (yeah baby), I wouldn't mind testing whenever, I talked to Lucas and he said I could try out the early test to see how it runs on my machine.....just a thought anyway, he knows how to contact me;).

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Guest InfernoBreeze

I've been looking at everything you have so far for A2k, and it all looks great, the unit list document I read somewhere made this game have a lot of promise and diversity.

And I just have to say, please, oh please don't turn this into Turn Based play. I've been dying for an updated(ish) Dune 2 ever since I played it those many years ago. I was all hyped up about Dune 2000 too, but that rag tag, provisional, Red Alert ripoff just shot down my hopes and dreams.

Keep the RTS idea alive, you'll hit a much bigger market, and the game will be so much more fun.

Thanks for hearing me out  :)

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