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my topic deleted


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this is for fed2k:I will never help with the ai files,because fed2k not help me >:(

well all fed2k forumers work on their own blood and sweat to publicly help everyone who want help and not give any conditions for anything..

What you were researching now and not disclosing will be done by someone who is lyk the rest of us and will be available to all..

If you really wanted help on samp you should have said please and not talk like a gangster saying I'll give you this if you do this..

If you would have asked politely without saying anything about misai file research I or anyone would have helped you..

What you did now made everyone angry..

We had a great mind in our midst who helped us in modding Dune 2000.. For free he did.. MVI was his name..

The rest of us follow in his footsteps and completing the mission he started..

Try to understand the anger when we saw that post you posted.. Step into our shoes Luminar..

You did a good job.. But with great power comes great responsibility..

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I was actually thinking he's a nice guy with good modding potential but the first topic killed that impression. Now that I see THIS topic as well, I can't do anything than say "bai", no need of such ppl in our modding team. 


mvi example is a very good one considering how busy he is, also gruntlord is here for a long time and has helped a lot, then others that unfortunately I don't know cuz they are gone, like Daxyrax or Devasta, people who also contributed for this game without asking anything else in favor. Also N.Kidnt and D2KSardaukar for their hi-res patch, and aqib for all the effort he is putting :). After these trash topics being thrown at us, I felt like naming some people who really helped this community a lot without asking anything for their services. Sorry if I forgot anyone, but this is for everyone who made at least 1 mission or mod and actually shared it with others here, without asking people to join some bullshit servers.

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this is for fed2k:I will never help with the ai files,because fed2k not help me

Provided my personal history with fed2k (and proudly carrying along 10 warning points) I am the only one who can say this:

It is not about fed2k, it is about individuals who love to play and mod Dune2k that you are hurting with your decision. You 've got it wrong dude.




Can someone lock this please?


No need to waste more of our time on such matters.


Let us cool down and simply forget about it.

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