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is it just a game ?


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i was sleeping when  i started dreaming about fisher map    i saw  a 3vs3  map  i remember seeing

erjin  and  doompower and korlover   i guess  i guess i was imagining not dreaming

because  spaze went for an ordos  gaz rush




there you go . the gaz units  i am from Syria by the way . it was just like that game when all

my people died  over 10 millions now maybe dead we had a genocide



then  doom and kor started a  harck attack    rush  when suddenly  i found  Cairo like this





well  i live in cairo  Egypt  the curfew  its for 3 month's now but no one cares they still attack

anyway ,  omg   is it the end of the world ?  i never believed the  2012  thing  but this ?


well ok  i would say to my self  spicy  man you can deal with with anything  yes never give up

am tough ha.   


that is what  youkolord always say  just be the best ,  

i tried   but  something happened at the same time . last year i was running when my left

leg went numb  now after one year   i am having an aggressive attacks of multiple  sclerosis

dont even go  read about it  its so scary i might not survive another year .

it can paralize every nurve in the body at any time  as for now i have weak hands

pain in left eye  vibration in left leg and face and neck am really scared i can feel the neighbors

attacking me from behind the walls .

i started to pray but i am 40  i never thought of god ?   will he believe me ?  is he there ?

its like telling a drunk  pirate  to read his last parer before  execution .


funny when my region islam is the mist strict  even looking at my self praying is funny .


my mother is very old also  dying i guess am so alone i have no one to tell my  strange story

but for some guys may still be here that i consider one  of  my few  only friends

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Each generation hopes that they will not suffer as the ones that came before. But since Hiroshima each generation has hoped that the "stars" would not fall, as was foreseen by the prophesy found in Revelations. And so it is that we now envy the ones before us who was able to live their lives without having to witness the horrors that we might soon face.

The poisoning of the waters (Revelation 8:11), the severe reduction in visibility (Revelation 8:12), the death of much of the earth's vegetation (Revelation 8:7), malignant sores (Revelation 16:2), the end of ocean life (Revelation 16:3), and the inability of the atmosphere to block out harmful ultraviolet rays, resulting in severe burns (Revelation 16:8) are all expected results of nuclear war.


As for praying, and the earnest search for God.. it is the loneliest path. Generally the religions and preachers are there supposedly to help the rest of us but in reality they are trying to score points with God.

And once you have innocent little children who are totally reliant on you for everything you will know: it is NOT just a game.

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And once you have innocent little children who are totally reliant on you for everything you will know: it is NOT just a game.


its ok i depend on the holy book  and  translations of the prophet  i did not understand the thing about the children  you mean how we deepened  on preachers?


well i miss the days when it was  just a game  and the guys  we used to meet  i see non of them still here

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I can't possibly know what you're going through, but you have to stay tough. All this stuff going on now is too much for one person to handle. There's unrest from Tunisia to Turkey. Just the most solid dictatorships endured actually, though I don't know if I should put Jordan there.


What can I say? If religion helps you, then why not? I am not a religious man, but I know anyone needs some solid ground for their minds in times like these.

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thanks and interesting  also i was looking for my old friends but i guess they dont read here a lot


i needed a strong  material  to  feed my imagination against these shocks  most of the things around just dont stand like games music  movies and girls

they just all  turn against you in hard times they change to  scary  shadows

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The world is not a game..

It's an unstable equation..

The variable which causes this instability is the cycle of hatred..

The wars happen because of a grudge and finally the hatred spreads among the soldiers and finally the people they fight to protect..

No country is stable even though it looks..

Foe this cycle of hatred to enough we one by one should forgive so that even though not for us but the next generation can live in peace..

War is just an angry punch from one man to another but it kills everyone in its path..

I don't know what you are going through right now but stay strong keep calm and never let the hatred spread..

This hatred might backfire..

Become a person who can control anger cause peace even though it's hard can erase pain..

I'm just as scared as anyone in this world about another major war..

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