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Planetary Annihilation

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Some people who worked on Total Annihilation. Are working now on Planetary Annihilation.

Here you have planets to wage wars on. It kinda looks like the planets from spore. But the difference is, you can throw in meteorites as super weapons. Kinda gives a global meltdown.




I have to admit, it is an AWESOME idea.


Here is a "little" base:




Anyway, I could keep posting pictures. But I got these 2 from this site:



Although, I feel like there is still 1 thing missing.

Rock-Scissor-Paper. There is no clear information on that.

Until now they have showed some sort of soldier-bots or cyborgs, I see 2 of them here. Or it is just 1 with different shades. And there are some tanks to see. They already promised naval units. But there seems no trace of aerial or space units yet. Perhaps they keep the rock-scissor-paper simple to 1 type units.

If you find some info on it. Please let us know.


There will be about 40 colours for players.

A primary/team colour, and a secondary colour.

Or they give the enemy all red. (Which in my opinion decreases strategy, you also want to take out APM by killing a player off)


But for the dune fans out here, there might be sandy planets :)

Anyway, let me know what you think.


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It looks like a fun RTS.

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It seems I missed something.

- They did get "orbital" units. I guess they are like the unit from starcraft, "space/air" units.

- The zooming in and out. Is from Total Annihilation. But now includes turning around planets, probably just like in Spore?

- The tank cannon makes it's return, this time by firing units from 1 to another planet/moon. (TA fans know which one I am referring too)

- There will be a map/planet editor. Including your own set of rules. (I wonder if it includes unit statistics just like with blizzard games?)


Some facts that interest me:


Will there be a single player campaign?

Our funding goal is pretty modest for the quality of game we're making. So at that level it will definitely be multi-player focus. Hopefully we blow past that goal and we can unlock some more interesting stretch goals :) Stay tuned!

Last updated: Wednesday Aug 15, 6:49pm EDT

Probably posted in 2012. Rather disappointing if there isn't any single player campaign. There are many players out there that can't play online, due to various reasons.


Specifically, what RTS games have you guys worked on?

Team members have worked on the following games:

Total Annihilation, C&C Generals: Zero Hour, Supreme Commander 1, and SupCom: Forged Alliance.

Last updated: Friday Aug 17, 2:26pm EDT

I did like the Zero Hour addition. It made the game more fun. No "infinite" stacking of "infinite" money. But that would be about it. Can anyone fill in for the other games?

This just reminded me, Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander, I looked for them in my home town in the past for several years. But I could not find them. Will the new game even be sold in the stores here in my home town?


Well, that's it for now I guess.

This game looks like the most successful game on kick starter.

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Probably best to look for them on steam, online services like www.gog.com or Amazon.


To be honest I can't think of the last time I went to a local store anyway. It may have been when I got my PS3, quite a while ago now.


"This game looks like the most successful game on kick starter."


Speaking of which the Double Fine kickstarter, whose name escapes me now, looks very promising.

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Well, some time has passed. Let's see what Youtube has to offer of video's:

I am only going to link 1 and give my opinion.




First of all, this guy isn't a real pro in my opinion. I have seen video's where the player really thinks ahead and stuff. However, if he seems pro, you need to work on yourself ;).


He also got lucky with a glitch. The glitch is that you can stack buildings. If the glitch wasn't there, he would have needed to expand. In that case he would have had a hard time playing.


Obvious, every player has a commander. However, if this one dies, you die. Not really GG if you ask me. Since you can simply fly in with stacked air and bomb the little guy. I suggest they do splash damage against air. O well.


Placing walls, this is good :). However, you can't really place them in a good way.

Canyon bug, some units fall in. Never to surface. And they can't die. Neat place for a commander to stay.


Building units, you can't tell where they exit. This can lead to unwanted destruction of something that stands against it. I suggest, once the stacking is gone. The creators add some sort of pathway around it, where you can't place stuff. That should take out problems. Or simply put an "exit" arrow on the structure, and only there a pathway for the units.

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I noticed how all those games lately are focussed on a fast paced fighting. While 3D looks beautifull. But this means, you don't have time to enjoy the graphics. However, Planetary Annihaltion also focusses on a huge macro. Which means that you are simply having slow fights with blobs of units on a radar.


Zoom in for fancy 3D graphics.

Zoom out for the game.


There is no single unit micro present.


I know that I have mentioned ProjectY somewhere in this forum. It has the same zooming idea. I noticed that with my 5th game, I constantly had everything zoomed out. Except when I was assigning XP points or targeting turrets with ranged units. Although, that game is not really fast paced in build up. Only in battle, if you know how.

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