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New PC for gaming and home media

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I'll look at the cases again, seen your last edit. brb


extreme division


1 x USB 3.0, 3 x USB 2.0, 1 x Audio & Mic\




2 x USB 3.0 (internal 20-pin connector to MB)
4 x USB 2.0
Audio In/Out (AC97, HD)


antec 1100


2 x USB 3.0, 2 x USB 2.0, Audio I/O


So the $75 case only has 1 usb3.0 on front. Other two have 2 usb3. rosewill have 4 usb2. antec has 2. Same price for rosewill/antec cases.


Is there a reason why you need more than 4 front usb? The motherboard you have in pdf has internal:

2 x USB 3.0 + 6 x USB 2.0

so you can technically have more front usb (6 total). But I don't see why more than 4 needed. I only have 1 plugged in (keyboard), and sometimes usb stick or external hdd (I could use 3 front instead of my 2 on antec 300).

Still have 6 usb available on back of computer case. I guess accessibility on front is desirable.

(I'm going to ignore the extreme division case due to low review count).



What I said in previous post about 2.5" hdd in desktop, both rosewill and antec say they have 2.5" drive bays. So that problem solved.

both have easy in/out hdd bays which is good.


rosewill front i/o are on top of case. This can be good. I know with my antec 300 with wired keyboard, the cord is in the way of dvd rom, so have to be careful of it. With i/o on top of case less chance of cables in the way (you can have them go down side of case for example instead of front).

Both have dust filters.


Rosewill could be better case if more front usb desirable. It and antec are close on features.


Vid card in pdf length: 9.5"

Rosewill room: Supports up to 11.8" (30cm) length VGA card (HDD cage NOT removed)

So vid card will fit.

2 reviews for rosewill have ASRock Z77 Extreme4 motherboard with no problem. No mention of the vid card though.


EDIT: more research needed on PSU to make sure cable lengths reach in case+motherboard. Basically need to make sure power cable going from PSU to top of motherboard for CPU is long enough and reaches right side to power motherboard. Can't find lengths.

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Both the rosewill and Antec can hold 2.5 drives in the 3.5 slots - so no worries there.


I didn't think the optical drive from the laptop would work but figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.


The laptop has a lot of ddr2 ram - would it hurt to add that to the desktop's 8 gb ddr3?


I'll try and find the specs on my old pc.  Likely they are here in the tech forum somewhere!


Win 7 is on a cd, if I can find it.  You don't think by plugging in the laptop drive win 7 will automatically run on the new pc?  I swapped hdd on my "good" laptop a few weeks ago and it did it.  I believe the ssd drive comes with software for migrating os over - at least one of them did, I dunno which.  I'm hoping, worse case, to just find someone with an extra win 7 key. 


Why I want so many USB ports:


1)  Unified usb plug for keyboard and trackball

2)  Wireless connector for my home theater air mouse (used all of the time unless game requires keyboard and mouse with my comp hooked up to TV)

3)  Logitech wireless gampad connector

4 - 5)  External harddrive/USB flash drives - preferably two 3.0 so I can move stuff from one drive ot the other in one go isntead of transferring to cop,then switching, then to other

6)  usb wifi adapter

7)  bluetooth adapter


So that's already 1 more port than available - I'll be using my nextech usb hub with it as well :)


I want front accesibility for ease of access.


Router is in same room but otherside - I'd have to drill through floor and buy ethernet cord and then have issue of mice chewing through it in the basement.  It's jsut wasier to use wifi:)  Plus, I'm not sure where we are going to put this now that I've given up on the idea of fitting it in the entertainment center.  I might actually put it beside the couch, then I don't need the adapter, but would need a hella long hdmi cord from ebay.


I ahdn't evne thought of cords to connect the stuff to the motherboard - I assumed they would all be included!  I definately want the right cord for the part - no point in buying ssd if I cheap out n the cord and close allt he speed advantages.  I assume they are available on newegg, tiger, best buy, etc as well?  Do I need to solder these or do they clip in?


Edit:. Found the answer to connecting wires to motherboard through build videos but now I'm wondering if the power supply has enough cords to connect all the bays/optical drives, etc?  The build video had the cables pre installed in the power source - I don't know if that is the same for every power source?

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ddr2 ram not compatible with ddr3. laptop and desktop ram is different size as well. So not possible (basically sell it or find a friend who wants more ram). But don't do that until you get your desktop built, as you'll need something to maybe burn dvd/cd or browse internet for help.


The PSU will have most power connectors (motherboard, cpu, gpu, then normal sata power for hdd/ssd/optical). It will have some for fans as well, but I know I ended up needing some splitters for my case fans.


Nothing will come with sata data cables (hdd don't, about 2/3 ssd don't, optical don't).


No soldering will be required. All plug/unplug cables.


Get hdmi cables from monoprice. Like I said before, can order up to $20 worth before shipping (over $20 and risk duty fees etc).


sata data cable I bought 1 before and I think works:



Power supply you had in cart says:


1x 20+4 pin Main Connector  <--motherboard
1x 4 pin ATX12V Connector <--this or one below is for cpu
1x 8 pin EPS12V Connector
1x 6 pin PCI-E Connector <--this and one below for pcie (vid card)
1x 6+2 pin PCI-E Connector
2x 4 pin Peripheral Connector (Quick-release) <--these are for fans. Only 2 when you have like 5 fans, is not good. you'll need splitters which is fine.
8x 5 pin SATA Connector <-- for optical/ssd/hdd
1x 4 pin Floppy Connector <--don't copy that floppy



Splitter I bought, so get like 2 of them maybe.



Another splitter. Get maybe 1.



On rosewill case images you see this:


It shows 2 different fan connectors possible (most fans you buy will come with both). The middle left big white one is the 2x 4 pin Peripheral Connector (Quick-release) on PSU. The other small version can connect to motherboard (3 pin), although not needed to connect there. Can use this

From what I can tell in rosewill case pics. rear fan uses 3 pin (plug into motherboard possible). top and side use 4 pin. Pretty sure front use 4 pin as well. So you'll just need 2 4pin splitter (4 pin -> 2x4pin)


I did buy this as well, but with the PSU having 8 already you won't need it.


Confusing at first. :). Ask any questions no matter how dumb they seem.

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Ok.  I saw the build and the guy had like 8 bays but only stuff for three, so I didn't know what to do if most of them ended up being filled.  The power supply he used had multiple connections on each cord but I wasn't sure if that's the case if you can use the multiple connections (three power plugs on each) or if they were just there for spacing.... but if there are 8 for harddrives/optical drives that's fine.  What about the motherboard?  Can it actually handle all that stuff hooked up or do I need to upgrade it?


In good news from today I ended up owing considerably less than I had saved for taxes, so actually have a lot more free money than I had anticipated.  I don't want to spend it on this comp as I have many other (expensive) projects, and I doubt I'll have any issues with the performance from what we've figured out, but if a little bit more gets me a more futureproofed device (ie. in two years I don't want to be restricted with what I want to do by my motherboard not allowing it...) I'm down with that.  Definitely switching to he one gb stick of ram you suggested now to save up future slots.  


I guess I will need one of those static bracelett things?


All my screwdrivers are magnetic tip - any issues with that?  I believe comps are all shielded now but I dunno if that will impact stuff when installing the motherboard?


Edit:  Attached upgraded build

CompBuild April 20.pdf

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On another forum I'm being told the Radeon HD 7850 is a little cheapter than the card I have and runs twice as well.   Any thoughts Andrew?  I looked up comparisons but to be honest there are so many variations of each card I'm not sure if the comparisons even match.  Some have the radeon better, some the geforce.  So it's hard to tell which 650 they are comparing it to, or if they are comparing the 2gb to 1 gb....


I believe this is the card they are talking about but it only has 1 gb ram?




I think newegg has a special right now you get bioshock infinite and tomb raider ror free with the purchase of amd radeon card... that makes it tempting if it is jsut as good of a card....


Edit again:  Why are there so many different "manufacturers" of these cards?  Diamond, saphire, visiontek, asus all have thier own versions of these cards, all at the same price - is there any difference??

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Your pdf file doesn't work.

I saw the build and the guy had like 8 bays but only stuff for three, so I didn't know what to do if most of them ended up being filled.

A youtube video? stuff for three? most of what filled? hdd drive bays in desktop?


Yes it is normal for 1 'cable' coming out of a PSU to have say 3x4pin connectors along the cable. Can use all 3 to power stuff. I got splitters coming off of 4pin as well to power extra case fans.


Motherboard can handle stuff hooked up to it. If you mean the front panel usb ports. At least according to motherboard specs.


I've never used static wrist thing, but they don't hurt. Just make sure to touch metal case often (to discharge static electricity), before touching parts.

Not sure on magnetic tip screwdrivers. They should stay away from hdd+ssd for sure. Almost(if not every) all screws are phillips. So maybe find one non magnet one?


I don't know much if anything about comparing amd to nvidia graphics cards.

I have asus 6670 and like it (brand wise it has best reviews for this specific card).

Well not sure why so many manufacturers. Depends on what brands you like. Some are good, some others maybe not (not sure which are good/bad :P). It's like asking why so many brands of dvd roms. AMD/Nvidia don't sell vid cards to retail. I think they just sell something to the manufacturers so the manufacturers build them.



Can compare 6850 to 650ti benchmarks. AMD does look better, but hard to compare exact specs.


There are two main motherboard sizes.

MicroATX which you have in cart is smaller version.

ATX is full size.

The benefit of full atx is more stuff spaced out, more pcie possible. Usually just a lot more connectors possible.

Rosewill case can take either of them. Check out the full atx size. Probably better for a big video card, as large video card can block other pcie and stuff.

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yeah, I realized the pdf failed a little while ago but doesn't really matter.


I've went over a lot of benchmarks but I'm having trouble differentiating the different types of cards.  Yours above, for example, is comparing the 2 gb versions of each.  I'm looking at the 2gb nividea vs the 1 gb amd.


There are :


Nividea 650

650 Ti

650 Ti

1 and 2 gb variations of each


Then AMD 780 has 1 and 2 gb versions


I'm looking at Nividea 650ti boost 2 gb vs AMD 7850 1 gb.


The benchmarks I've found go back and forth. So I guess the cards are pretty equal, although the Nividea is actually supposed to be the direct competitor with the step down AMD.  My big hang up now is the ram.  2 gb vs1 gb.  When I have 8 gb ddr3 in teh ssytem already is that going to be a huge difference maker?


My worry about switching to the AMD card is now I ahve to change powersupply and motherboard again?  But you're recommending I find a different motherboard anyway....the only way I picked tha tmotherboard out was because it was the most recommended for an i5-3570k processor.  Back to the drawing board I guess....

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How about that for a motherboard?  Full ATX like you suggested PLUS built in wifi which cancels out a chunk of the price difference between it and the previous one I had.  191 reviews, rated 4 star, customer choice award.  I can't see where it says what power supply is needed, if the one I have picked out now will work with it or if I need a better one...


Edit:  April 20 Build.pdfAttached is latest build with new motherboard, graphics cards, and I think all the wires you told me I needed?  Up $40 but also with Bioshock Infinite (yay) Tomb Raider (cool) and Far Cry 3 (I believe this is multiplayer?  I don't play them)  free from AMD I wasn't getting with Nividea.

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Switching between amd/nvidia vid card won't affect motherboard. PSU shouldn't matter if the cards are equal in power usage.

Another possible amd 7850 vid card. ~$4 more and has a lot more reviews




The motherboard you picked has good reviews, which is rare for motherboards (if anyone gets a bad motherboard they make sure to write a bad review).

Another option is gigabyte brand. Friend builds lots of computers and always gets this brand (I have gigabyte motherboard as well). Similar price to asus.


Comparing to motherboard you selected:

giga has 1 more pcie 3.0, but 1 less pci.

giga has 1 more sata6.0 port. equal sata3.0. 1msata port that asus has none (some ssd are coming in msata form for laptops etc, but odd time can be same price as regular ssd).

giga audio number is slightly higher, don't know if it would means newer version (probably wouldn't be able to tell difference).

giga has DUAL LAN. asus has 1 lan (which is normal), but asus has onboard wifi (actually looks like it would connect to a pci slot). I'd probably give the edge to giga since you can always add the wifi I listed earlier (onboard wifi may be good or not good who knows).

same video out (doesn't matter since you will use video card). same rear usb etc. Hope you don't need ancient PS/2 connectors for mouse/keyboard (giga has none)

internal usb: giga wins this by far with 8 usb3.0 vs 2 usb3.0 EDIT: review lists only 4usb3 for giga. still a win for giga.

other connectors look similar.


Review of gigabyte

Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H Review: Functionality meets Competitive Pricing

Interesting read. I forgot motherboards do come with a couple sata cables. Comes with 4 sata data cables (not sure on speed, I'm guessing based on color two are sata3.0 and two are sata6.0). So you would only need to buy 1 sata 6.0 cables for SSD (in case the ones included with motherboard are not sata6.0).

Includes a front usb 3.0 panel (2 more usb3.0 ports for you on front of computer! so total of 4xusb3 and 2xusb2)


Far cry 3 is single player. Can play multiplayer as well.


I'm thinking maybe upgrade PSU to one that is 80plus certified (psu+motherboard don't cheap out on). Higher spec does mean more watts possible (Aiming for 50% usage gives most efficiency), and more connectors.

$120 freeship example just picked due to good/many reviews, can find cheaper one possible.



1 x Main connector (20+4Pin)
1 x 8-Pin EPS 12V
8 x Peripheral <--lots of fan power, so can reduce 4pin splitter from 2 to 1 in cart. Or get rid of entirely. Might not need any power cables if upgrading motherboard+psu. Save $10.
12 x SATA <--more than enough sata
2 x Floppy<--......
4 x PCI-e<--lots of vid card power possible (or if some other pcie device requires dedicated power, not sure what would)


Warranty for this unit says 7 years (or 3, not sure why lists two different on details page, but corsair website says 7). VS 1 year for rosewill.

Make sure to look at all pictures for PSU. This is "modular" version which means you can just plug in what you need. No need for extra cables in the case that won't be used. Also makes cable management inside case easier. So the corsair is 80+gold. So at 20% load it is 87% efficient. The rosewill is not 80+certified at all, which means at 20% load is less than 80% efficient (could be say 75%). So there is almost a 10% difference in efficiency. If desktop on lots, and idling at say 100watts 'required', the draw from power outlet in wall for corsair would be 113 watts. rosewill would use (assuming 75% efficient) 125w. Assuming my math and assumptions are correct on how this works.


Since saving money on no dvd+hdd needed at moment, I'd get better psu than rosewill picked out (if in say 5 years you decide you want more powerful vid card or have maxed out the fans/sata cables with crapload of stuff plugged in, larger/80+certified psu recommended). With that said, my 380w is power 9 fans, 2hdd, 1 ssd, and 6670 vid card and works fine I hope. Probably pushing near edge when gaming.

If going with nice motherboard, might as well get nice PSU for around $50 more than rosewill. Extra warranty, better/more cables, more energy efficient.

Although I still think 600w psu is enough for what you need. I just picked the corsair 750w when I was looking for well reviewed psu (the 601-700w category didn't impress me much).


I know it sucks when researching and you price creep upwards for better quality. But if in no rush can research more to get best product for price range. Main thing is to narrow down parts, make sure everything will work together, and possibly wait for sales.


Just noticed that if you went with vid card I posted, it says 2x6pin required (other only says 1x6pin). I assume in new psu where it says 4x6+2pin that is compatible with 2x6pin.

google answers my question


So yeah, with better psu+motherboard, it reduces the cables needed. probably no power cables needed. only 1 sata6.0 needed (just to be safe for ssd). sata6.0 cables not needed for dvd+hdd you're putting in now (even though good chance that 2 out of 4 included with gigabyte motherboard would be sata6.0).


I assume you have surround sound speakers? how will they be hooked up?


Forgot about memory compatibility for motherboard. Usually any ram will work, but they sometimes test ram to make sure it works (they can't test every ram possible). All I see is like four 4x8gb packages tested which doesn't help any.

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I picked the one I had because it was asus - never heard of sapphire?


What would I ever need dual lan for?


Built in wifi is nice but you are right, I can get the adapter for less than the price differece between this and the asus.


all mouses/keyboards are wifi through usb.


I'll definitely switch to that motherboard.  Thanks Andrew. Now I'll have to figure out overclocking sicne this motherbard can switch between overclocking for gaming, and regular clocking ;)


Turns out it is far cry 3: Blood Dragon anyway.  


I've switched the power supply.  Modular cables are definitely better and I do want to future proof this as much as I can, without spending a ridiculous amount of money. I wish newegg would say when there sales end, since this power supply is currently on sale.  Might pull the trigger and order it today, lock myself into something!  I'm not adding any fans other than what comes with the case - think I still need to order the splitter if adding in the new motherboard and psu?


Picture and sound are bothgoing to my tv via hdmi (unless there is some reason sound won't go via hdmi??)


Do you think that's an issue with the ram? 


Price creep has definitely crept in.  It's hard to cut off.  


Edit:  How about this for a wifi solution?



Edit again:  Ordered the power supply.  I did some comparison shopping and it is far cheaper on sale now at newegg than it is anywhere else (by $70!) and while I could get some cheaper I don't believe they are as good - and I ahve to start buying stuff or I never will!  Now I have a power supply, a SSD, a HD, and an optical drive.


Yet a third edit:


Found the same graphics card with 2gb ram for $5 more after rebate.


Mroe editst:  When do newegg sales start?  Fridays like most stores or are they on a different cycle?  Rebates expire april 30th so I am going to start ordering the motherboard and GPU in the next few days so I can take advantage of them.

Compbuild April 21.pdf

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I'd say dual lan is better option than the included wifi, unless can find review of the wifi reception quality.

I've actually had couple times over the years where a dual lan was helpful (onboard lan + pci lan card). Due to the onboard lan not working properly, and trying to plug ethernet into different ones to get internet to work. Maybe two internet sources possible in future (unlikely, although I've had that scenario happen to me as well).

I know nothing about overclocking. If you ever plan to do so you definitely need the upgraded PSU (additional cooling maybe).

The included fans in case will be fine for now. You may find in July/August you want to cool it more, depends on room temperature etc. Take screenshots of your temps after it's built (idle temps, gaming temps etc), then as it gets hotter out in summer keep comparing to make sure cool. Cooler is better.

Picture/sound going to tv via HDMI is fine. Just sometimes if people have surround sound system they can have weird cables needed. Although since you don't have one currently, just make sure when you get one it has at least spdif on the receiver (that's how both my surround sound audio is hooked up from computer, hdmi sends the picture to tv). That's another discussion though.

Doubt an issue with ram, but check again before ordering. Could be better deals etc.

With pci wifi card, have to make sure your large vid card isn't blocking the pci slot, or cramped inside (if pci wifi below vid card does it obstruct airflow into vid card fans?). Also have to check reviews on quality/signal.

Yes if you see something with free shipping and great+many reviews, and priced same (save $5-10 shipping fee) or priced less than other retailers can buy. I use shopbot.ca for very quick reference. I do check ncix/memoryexpress/newegg. There is tigerdirect, canadacomputers as well, but can be a hassle setting up accounts at lots of places.

For items with $7-10 shipping and not on 'sale', can wait and try to minimize shipping cost and sales (this refers to newegg mostly). Add item to cart and see if it increases total shipping cost by much.

I'm not a fan of rebates. some people don't mind, but for me the paperwork and hoping I did everything correct and that they actually send the rebate. Not worth the hassle (or at least assume you won't get it when comparing prices/products). Can take 1-2 months to get rebate.

Newegg sales are random I think. They don't have a weekday to refresh weekly deals. Completely random all over the place (supply/demand automated price changes for most non advertised prices).

Not a lot of reviews for that vid card, I think motherboard+cpu comes with gpu on its own, so not a huge rush for gpu (wait for sale, check all retailers+good reviews?). Of course I know want to put everything together at once.

More ram for vid card is good, although not the only thing to show difference between vid cards in same category/model. The type of ram matters (some have ddr3, others have gddr5). Also processor speed on vid card matters.

There are sometimes 2 speeds of vid cards for a card type. Best example I can think of is the vid card I have.


Sorted by price. You have 6670 model. But there are two ram types which make s difference. ddr3 is cheap vid cards, gddr5 is more expensive.

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Ok, new post:



Have Already:


1 DVD Optical Drive





SSd 250 gb - Best Buy

 $   164.98 


Corsair HX Series Power Supply HX750 - DirectCanada

 $   119.79 


Crucial Ballistix Sport 8GB 1X8GB  - NCIX

 $      59.99 


Currently on sale - will they get any cheaper?:



Diamond Radeon HD 7850 2GB $200 - $20 Rebate - $125 in free games - NewEgg


GIGABYTE GA-Z77X-UD5H LGA 1155 Intel Z77 - $176.25 price matched to Memory express


Reg Price:


I5-3570k - $230 - BestBuy/Futureshop

Rosewill Blackhawk Case - $100 - NewEgg




So if Andrew doesn't see anything wrong with the rest of this I will likely order the remaining parts tonight/tomorrow and wait for them all to come in - unless someone thinks the case/processor will go on sale int eh next week, or GPU/motherboard will go on sale for cheaper?


Editing MAchine:  I am back to needing an optical drive - preferably one with blue ray as the old optical drive is just CD....


Answering questions:  GDDR5 RAM on the 7850.  All specs match everyting else.  

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Well almost everything is in- just missing gpu, some cords, and another processor.   It went on sale the day after I bought it and best buy refused to price match so I ordered from another Site which would price beat by 25% (memory express ) and need to wait for their new processor to arrive.   Also retroactively price matched my case, so between the two another $50 saved.  I've got to hand it to newegg and memory express - they have fantastic customer service. 

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Memory express had your cpu and motherboard on sale yesterday as daily deal combo. Forget the price now. Not sure if it was cheaper.


You'll have to post a picture of the inside of your case with side panel off so we can look inside it when finished. :)


Attached is most of inside my case (no longer have the extra fan attached to gpu). Make sure you do decent cable management so it doesn't look as messy as mine!

You'll be too lazy to fix cables later. ;)


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Oh well - between sales and price matching I'm still well over $300 saved so I'm happy:). 


This case has cable management behind the right hand panel so hopefully it will be a bit cleaner :)

I downloaded xbmc on my laptop to test it out - it's awesome. Will be super nice on the pc.  Thinking about installing it on the ssd - it is pretty slow loading on the laptop.

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You MUST install apps/programs onto the SSD in order to see speed improvement. I extremely urge you to do so for every app. Especially for database related apps such as XBMC.


folder uses 1.14gb, and has 15,704 Files, 1,206 Folders. Your computer read/writing to all those small files (some database, most are artwork for the shows/movie, actor pictures etc) will be extremely fast compared to any hdd.


If you have say a library of movies, it will get the info for them and then easier to choose what to watch (sometimes have to manually tell it to get movie info if folder not named well).

I find the best feature of all is if you are watching a tv show. Let's say it has 5 seasons, 12 eps per season. So you start at season 1 watch 4 eps and then get busy and don't watch any for 3 weeks. Remember what episode you were on? XBMC will remember what episode you were on. So no need to keep track in a .txt document what episode you watched. Same goes for movies, it can hide all the stuff you already watched. It can do music/pics and almost anything else.


I use a remote control for xbmc (since my mouse isn't wireless). Probably don't need it if mouse easy enough to use on couch etc. If have questions about a remote in future let me know.

Mine is similar to this. They go on sale for $20, and Black Friday I got my first one for $12.

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Well, I opened up my old pc's and found a couple surprises.  First, neither of them are dvd rw - they are both cd rw.  Next, I don't think the cables are sata(attached pic) or if the hd can be connected to the new mb since the cables are whatever they are.  I didn't see a slot for them on my mb either.  But that's okay I still have the laptop hd.


Is it possible to download win7 onto a usb and load it that way, since I currently don't have an optical drive....



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Well, I opened up my old pc's and found a couple surprises.  First, neither of them are dvd rw - they are both cd rw.  Next, I don't think the cables are sata(attached pic) or if the hd can be connected to the new mb since the cables are whatever they are.  I didn't see a slot for them on my mb either.  But that's okay I still have the laptop hd.


Is it possible to download win7 onto a usb and load it that way, since I currently don't have an optical drive....

They are IDE and you can download Windows 7.

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That hard drive is no good. Won't work on new computer. And it would probably be loud.


Microsoft has an official usb program to load win7 onto usb. Installing OS from usb is much faster than dvd.



http://arstechnica.com/business/2009/12/the-usb-flash-drive/ <--article on it.


I used this to load my win7 source onto usb stick.


I assume your win7 source is from dvd? Not sure if take directly from that or need an imaging program to create an image of the DVD.

http://www.imgburn.com/ Should be able to create image of the DVD.

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Thanks Shai and Andrew.  They arn't big anyway - 80 gb and 160 gb.  The laptop one will work fine.  The motherboard came with a few SATA cables so that's good.


I have a question about Sata cables - are they all SATA III that come now or is there a way to check?



Thanks for the link to windows 7 usb boot.  I'll try and create the usb this weekend.  I'm hoping the last of the parts will be in on Wed and I can build it that night, setting it to download/update overnight.

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There could be some text printed on the cables that say what they are. I assume you got two different colors with motherboard (like newegg picture). I would think one color is sataII and the other sataIII.

If no text or any other way to check, guess the only way would be to use it on ssd and do a benchmark to see if you get 300+mb/s sequential.

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I didn't see any.  I did some research and apparently the speed is the same between all three sta, just attachments are different?  Anyway I did buy one sata III in case so I will use it on the SSD just to be sure.


How are you using a remote control with your pc?


I have an air mouse, got it for christmas a couple years back since we hooked up old busted laptop up to the tv the as a home theater pc.  We will be using it.

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I did some research and apparently the speed is the same between all three sta, just attachments are different?


Different sata version have different speeds. Think of it like usb 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 3.0 etc

Attachments are the same (think of it like usb is backwards compatible).

You can have the sata attachments at different angles. There is straight, and right angle. This is just so it can be easier to plug into hdd/motherboard depending on the way they are set up.


I use my remote control with XBMC (need to install addon). To play/pause, volume, and all the other normal remote control buttons. I don't use wireless mouse (I use wired, but do have wireless mouse), and remote control easier to control xbmc rather than having to move mouse around to pause/play volume etc (since I'm not sitting in front of computer when I'm watching tv/movies).

I'd just wait for a good sale/reviews. Unless you find using mouse at couch too difficult for basic media usage in XBMC. The remotes can work work with other software (windows media centre). Although depends on remote and if software supports it. I only use it with xbmc. My original remote doesn't work good (buttons don't repsond), but that's why I bought a second remote, for when the play/pause button finally die on old remote.

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Well I've had it all together for a couple of days now and it is fantastic.  The ssd makes things load crazy fast - although turns out my laptop was only 300 gb so I will need to add in a new hd when I find one on sale for cheap.  I ran biohock infinite on ultra high settings and the game played super smooth and the computer ran at less than 50 C.  Most of the time it runs in the high 30's, even with numerous programs running.


Windows key still worked so that saved some money.


I do have a small problem though.  Whenever I select shut down or restart Windows turns off but the PC itself stays on.  I have to use the manual button to make it actually power down.  Any suggestions?

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