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New PC for gaming and home media

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I've never heard of that (since like windows 95?). So once windows is shut down, just a black screen?

Check your BIOS manual or look around the settings in bios, could be a power option.

I assume drivers are up to date.


Google has some possible answers. search:

windows 7 shuts down but computer stays on


Maybe add in your motherboard model # or brand into the google search


I'm jealous of you playing bioshock infinite. You play other bioshock games? Not needed in order.

When talking of your temps is that the GPU temp or cpu temp? I find my gpu is around 12 celcius higher than cpu. I assume using speedfan program to get temps?

Go into amd catalyst driver setting thing (bottom right corner of screen, red dot). If you don't have that as an icon go to start menu "AMD VISION Engine Control Center". I prefer to have icon in systray as I enable/disable TV everyday (since monitor is primary device).

Under performance click on amd overdrive. It will give you gpu temp and other interesting info. Only setting I've ever messed with is the manual fan speed to test it. Better off with auto fan though.

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Cool, I'll take a look for it.


I never answered your question about bioshock- No I have't played any of the others.  I have them on my wishlist for steam but witht he three free games iwht the new gpu (Infinite was one of them) I currently have 10.5 games bought at 75 - 90% discountsbut unplayed - and Steam summer sale is coming soon.


Plus, now that the weather is nice I've been spending mroe time outside than inside.  I need some rainy days to start catching up!

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