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I know I should have posted this when I released it and I don't know why I didn't.


It was released in november and made by me, assisted by Shaokhan and I don't know what part Feda did because I wasn't working at it when he was...


We have been playing it for a while, but only I have this version, the latest which everybody should have from now until I update again (if I will).





-Put the map file in your dune folder in data/maps

-Replace your text.uib from your dune folder data/UI_Data with this one


Note: For who didn't understand this map:

   You spawn in the middle of the map and you go to what base you want so this map is only playable with humans. Yes I could put the start on the bases, but since AI is not allied is pointless to do something like thi because they would capture each other...


   Top right and bottom left are bases added for expansion. I totally don't suggest to go there because you have to cross the cliff and you would lose alot of time.

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