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Dune as a first person stratergy


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The idea is nice but that screenshot looks really bland IMO.

True, there isn't much in the screenshot, but what's there is awesome. Follow the link... or google the name of the mod, you'll see a bunch of other screenshots. They use CryEngine. Lucky bastards...

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I don't like the Juggernaut design. Can't they copy that design from C&C3? In C&C3, it looks good, and as a miniature 3D model. It is actually balanced.


They are missing textures for most vehicles.

At least in WOA, they create, and completely finish a model.


Or have they just started?

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The newer pictures are first. The later pictures are older... I see they were working on it at least since 2009, but they might have switched to cryengine recently. The last images look very good though. 


I couldn't find their Juggernaught design though, and the recent images don't miss textures. Have you been looking here?

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The link you gave me is from the same site.

But I think I have visited an older section. The newest pictures in the old section are relatively old in the section that you have posted.

There are a lot of good pictures to see now.

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