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OpenRA Dune2000 mode gameplay - small review using my own opinions


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Heavy vechicles coming out of light factories and Light vechicles coming out of heavy factories has now been fixed in the new unstable release.


But I hate how the Quad can still attack air units and the Missle Tank can't, plus the Missle Tank has a weird weapon and really needs a new one.


I love the fact though that the Sonic tank fires Tesla instead of that annoying friendly firing Sonic wave.


I do wish that the Deviator could at least kill Infantry, because after all its fake missle is supposed to leave a chemical cloud that would poison infantry.


It would be amazing but weird if the Harkonnen Devastator could have redeye missles as its secondary weapon.

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thanks but people are going to rant at me for the Deviator killing infantry idea.

I actually like it. Right now, if I understood well, it can deviate only light vehicles which is bullshit... Too useless in my opinion, ppl focus on tanks not on light vehs. 

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Idk, ONLY inf killing is bad, inf killing + deviating is good.

I modified the Deviator to only kill infantry and do little damage to light vechicles, but it can still deviate. I also changed its weapon name to "Gas Missle"

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