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Okay, I find those comments weird to. They are most likely there for the programmers sharing notes to each other at seperate work times or something.

That is the real file.

Either that, or they made it so it would be easier to MoD.

To make a new Unit, you need at least these threee things.

Declaration Section.

(Go to the rules file, go 'Find'. And type 'Dec' In that list, find a place you would like your unit to appear, and type the Units name, for example.




Then, secondly, find the unit entry you want to base your new unit on. For example, for JoeBloggs to be based on a sniper, go ctrl+f and type in ATSniper]

This will come up.

A bit different because this is with the Kwisatz Haderach

go to bottom and read from there.


House = Atreides

StormDamage=138 // 2*64 + 10

PrimaryBuilding = ATBarracks

UnitGroup = FromBarracks

Terrain = Rock, Sand, NBRock, InfRock, Ramp

Cost = 300  //was 200

BuildTime = 432

Size = 1

Speed = 6.0                                    //game coord per update

TurnRate = 0.2                              //radians per update

TurretAttach = IMSardaukarGun            //Same gun as ADV but less hit points

Armour = BPV, 50, InfRock

Health = 900

Infantry = true

//SoundSelected = Selected

//SoundOrdered = Ordered

//SoundID = 13

ViewRange = 12

AiFoot = TRUE

TechLevel = 3

ChaosEffect = SmallChaosFX

HawkEffect = SmallHawkFX

TastyToWorms = True

WormAttraction = 4

Crushable = TRUE

CanMoveAnyDirection = TRUE

CrateGift = TRUE

CanBeDeviated = FALSE

ExplosionType = CrushedInfantry

AIThreat = 70

CanBeRepaired = TRUE

// LEVEL 1 ----------------------------------

VeterancyLevel = 6      // Score required

ExtraDamage = 50            // 50% more damage - applied to all weapons

// LEVEL 2 ----------------------------------

VeterancyLevel = 16

ExtraArmour = 50            // Takes 50% less damage

// LEVEL 3 ----------------------------------

VeterancyLevel = 32

CanSelfRepair = 1      // Should have 0.5?

Select all this, and copy it under itself.

Replace 'ATSniper' with 'ATJoeBloggs' and change what you like like cost and buildtime and stuff.

Thirdly, go to the Artini.txt file. Find ATSniper


     Icon      = "iconsIM_Sardaukar.tga"      

     IconGrey      = "iconsgrey_IM_Sardaukar.tga"      Xaf      = "IM_Sardaukar"

     SideBarType = "Infantry"

Copy this and paste it below itself, and rename the [ATSniper] bit as [ATJoeBloggs]

Then, make a folder in your EmperorDATA folder called Model

Put both these files in there.

Play the game. Your unit should show up with no name. Build it and enjoy.

Im not very good at describing this, so if you don't understand, tell us, and someone who knows how to say it clearer will respond.

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So its just really in these steps.



enter 'dec'

type in unit name 'ATJoeBloggs'


enter default unit 'ATSniper]'

select all default units info


go down to a clear space between two units


change name of new copy

ctrl+s 'save'



Enter 'ATSniper]'

Select all Sniper info




change name to 'ATJoeBloggs'

Put these files in the Model folder

If you want your unit to have a name show up in game, make a 'Strings' folder in the emperordata folder

Put in the file 'E_Output_Text_Pickup.txt' or something along those lines.

Put in your Units name


and follow it with the in-game name inside these {}

ATJoeBloggs {Atreides Joseph Bloggys}

Then, if you hold your mouse over it in game, it will come up with the message withen {}

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Hey, Jacob.  How exactly do you change the turret or basicly the units looks.  Do I need a voxel editor or just to play around with the Art files.  If I do need a voxel editor could someone point me towards one cause I've had a hard time finding one.     Thankx 8)

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First, unless it is based on the Elite Sardaukar or the Harkonnen Devastator, it can't have two turret attaches.

It looks as if it is, so you must include the line


AdvancedSardaukar = TRUE

As for the explosion part. I need to know, what model it's based on, and when it is supossed to explode, like when you deploy it or when it dies.

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yes in fact,

no sheilds but it regenerates at normal speed and it doesnt have shields but it has almost made up for it in normal health

didn't you used to be a fedaykin frodo of am i thinking of something else

sadly, unlocking the imperial tank and the smuggler quad for building isnt possible because there isn't even an icon in the artini file

i have to use another icon :(

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that would be cool

but how do you make them?

do you just create them on something like paintshop and then save them as a tga file?

or whatever the type is?

you have been very helpful!

my email(i dont know if i profiled it is :


although dont send me anything untill you get the trojan off

we have enough virus troubles of our own :D

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