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Original Dune 2: in which missions appear the sub-houses?


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Apparently, the Mercenaries were supposed to control the Saboreur unit for the Ordos - at least, that's how the Saboteur works in the Sega Mega Drive version (which appears to have been based on the PC version's code, albeit modified for the console version). Nyer's right that the Mercenary faction is used as purely a technical device in the PC version, as it "owns" the Bene Gesserit mentat image, and also the House name voice-overs from the House selection screen.

Fremen, apart from being used as the Atreides Palace weapon, also control sandworms in all missions.

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In what way did the fremen use the worms?

They simply never got eaten, that's what I know.

But they didn't prevent worms to chew on your tanks.

Why do I have the idea that I just answered my own question 0_0 ?

O wait, did I forget something?

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It's not that they use the worms directly, it's that the worm units are assigned to the Fremen side in the original missions. This is why when you play as the Atreides, your units won't automatically attack the worms, since the Atreides and Fremen factions are allied. (In v1.0, this also meant that the Atreides never received the wormsign warning, unless the worms' ownership was changed to another faction by means of editing the scenario files).

If you play Super Dune 2, you'll see that having your own worms (as do the playable Fremen) does not mean they won't eat your units. This happens due to special behaviour of the sandworm unit. The worm does not automatically eat allied units if it is given the Area Guard order; it will still chase allied units on sand, unless there are enemy units that it can reach. However, if the worm is given a simple Guard order (which is by default), or any other order, it will eat any unit it can reach, regardless of that unit's ownership.

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