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OK I remember now the Ordos have a massive base in the bottom left of the map. There is a Smuggler's base in the top right of the map and the Harkonnen are in the bottom right of the map.

1. When you build your base build for defensive purposes to hold off the Ordos who will hit you with alot of deviators and missile tanks.

2. The Harkonnen attack but they will sneak attack along with the Ordos or once you repel an Ordos attack the Harkonnen will attack, keep your eye on the Harkonnen base.

3. The Ordos have a base not too far from the smuggler's base destroy parts of this Ordos base (turrets, and the light factory)* because it will become strategic later in the game. It is important that you take over this Ordos base. It is located near a good source of spice. *note anything you destory rebuild as your own i.e. turrets, light factory, refinery

4. The Smuggler's base will not be hard to take over (if you have already taken over the above mentioned base and the Ordos have not already annihilated the Smugglers). Attack the smuggler's base using trikes (about 4-5) have your engineers already in the waiting to take the base once you have annihilated the smuggler opposition. Micro-mangement your trikes make sure they do not fire apon any of the structures just the enemy infantry. Once you take over the Smuggler base you can either keep it or sell the entire base or modifiy it for other uses.

I will have to play the game tonight to give you more on how to beat this level. This is only the begining the Ordos are the biggest threat on this level.

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My promised strategy:

The defense in this mission is the most important, when you past the beginning, the rest isn't that difficult anymore. The combination of rocket turrets + siege tanks is the most powerful combination. Try to build more turrets then tanks. Cause you can repair turrets etc. You should build 2 refineries + 7 harvesters, that's good for the economy, what is also important is to build many carryalls (10+), then you harvesters will not lock up anymore. Build the turrets at the entrances of the cliff. For a rush-attack use a combination of Combat Tanks+Launcher with some Siege Tanks... Good Luck...

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