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dune 2000 online gaming

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Everytime I try to play a game online, the screen either locks or I get disconnected.

Someone told me I needed to install a patch called RC??, I got the file installed it and now I can't even connect to the dune 2000 channel.

What went wrong and how can I play some online games without it locking up

Appreciate any help



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westwood still supports the online playing of dune2000,i play on line about 5 nights a week,you dont need rc (rotorz connector) to connect to the game channel,rc is only used to connect between 2 to 6 players in a game once you are in the game channel,all i can say is keep trying to connect,it does take time,(busy periods)but at worst its only 10 minits,when you do connect,you must select 8 bit from the game options,2 reasons for this,first reason,everyone on line plays in 8 bit mode as it is faster(see your dune cd for internet play)second reason 16 bit slows the game down and makes it crash.if you do make it on line dont forget to say hi.

if you want some build orders se my web page.


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I had the same problem when I first got rotorz. You have to have rotorz loaded up everytime you want to get into dune, otherwise when you connect it just says "Connection to Westwood Online failed. Please check your ISP connection and try again" or something along those lines.

I believe shygirl has rotorz on her site (URL above), I also have it at my site, http://nicksimm.geekserve.org/dune2k/index.shtml

It is an exellent patch, not only does it fix all of dune's problems, but it filters language so that you can't get banned (exceptions have been found, certain words can still get you banned).

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