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  1. Hi, I'm playing the Atreiades or 'ell you spell it, I've got the lever where you have to stop the tilexau ambassador from reaching the Ordos base. Does anyone have any tips, I've tried this level a few times trying different things like moving all the starting forces across to where the ambassador comes in, then attacking him when he appears, but I never seem to be able to keep the game going for long. I've just realised that maybe I need to move my base further away from the Ordos base, but if the ambassador gets through and the treaty happens, what can I do to combat both the ordos and the t
  2. Hi, Everytime I try to play a game online, the screen either locks or I get disconnected. Someone told me I needed to install a patch called RC??, I got the file installed it and now I can't even connect to the dune 2000 channel. What went wrong and how can I play some online games without it locking up Appreciate any help Cheers Darren
  3. Hi, I tried to play my first online game last night, got to the the screen waiting for the game to start and it came back saying I couldn't connect, guess I was unlucky. Can't wait to play some online games, I finished the game itself on Sunday, played it on and off for a couple weeks but on saturday and sunday I played for roughly 14 hrs, what a geek :) Cheers MiniLinx
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