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We play Emperor in Tunngle


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for information:

community of fans online game Emperor battle for dune has settled in Tunngle (software emulates a local area network).

In Tunngle no any problems with the settings the game.

Tunngle: http://www.tunngle.n...setup-v4401exe/

FAQ on Tunngle: http://forum.dune2k....e-with-tunngle/

community EBFD: http://forum.dune2k....in-ebfd-top-10/

activity EBFD: http://forum.dune2k....ror-in-tunngle/

Come Tunngle and will help you and teach.

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most of the players i see is new or changed nicks . but they seem powerful never less , specially chaos .

anyway changing is an old maneuver in emperor , i dont think this game with attract new players that will

be skilled in such short time . ill be on soon my dsl wire is giving me some troubles

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rating battle - Kralizets vs Shtorm86 = 2=0 :)

wow :O

my congratulations for Kralizets !

storm in a steep dive ...

other results:

shtorm vs viking = 0-3 :(

elsipues vs viking = 5-4 :ph34r:

elsipues vs miles = 0-2 ;)

dartv vs chaos = 3-1 >:(

chaos,hrom vs dartv,crime = 1-1 :ph34r:

chaos vs kralizets,moroz = 0-2 ???

chaos,kralizets,moroz vs newlords,ckuratov = 0-1 :blush:

PS. mjn4, waiting for u

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thanks guys it was a good come back for me , in short i have aged since i was playing back at 2008 i guess

am 42 yo not very healthy so forgive me if i weak in some stages .

my memory about the game play is bad i need to back to single player and remake my bo as am making randomly now

ill try to do better soon . its good you are familiar with each others thats haw we used to be , i hop more of my

old mates will come back but i will try to mix with you . you guys seems younger we used to be a bunch of old grumpy men hehe

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well moroz stays up late , we played a few games then i felt tired before him but i dont remember the result

he seems to be stronger with harks , i really dunno 4 years is a long long time it seems harder to me

now to control and fit my self behind the screen . plus tunngle is buggy with me yesterday it stooped connecting

and effected my dsl then i uninstall it now the download link isnt working

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well guys this server is not populated at all lol . its as dead as ever plus this tunnel s/w sucks real bad .

ohh well also playing online is making me tired i guess ill go back to sleep zzzzzzzzzz sound of the Windtrap closing down

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