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One of the most effective and annoying tactics is what is known as the rush tactic. A player will build and send units as fast as possible to the enemy's base or harvesters. This tactic is common to most RTS games, and Dune is no exception.

Here are some of my rush strategies-

I mostly play Atriedes, so I am most familiar with them.

Atriedes: Upgrade barracks, then build a factory while upgrading refinery. build 5 or so speeder bikes( don't underestimate the sandbikes, they can kill a Hark missle tank in a few shots, and they are cheap and fast to build)- add to this 5 or so kinjal, and either snipers or infantry or both. Then 2 mongooses. You should have scouted the map already, then either use to defend your harvs or attack the opponent's, depending on wether he is attacking you or not. USE INFANTRY ROCK with the Atriedes at every opportunity. 5 or so kinjal on inft. rock, backed up by some anti-infantry units can stop a much larger force of tanks easily. Also have some base defense, I have found 3 kinjal and a MG tower is cheap and effective.

Take the initiative- Take the attack to your opponent, if he is defending, he is not attacking. After the initial force, build an extra factory and start building minotaurs, mixed with a few mongooses for air defense. Mix in some kinjal and have some Fremen as a flanking force. Go fast, if you sit, the other guy will probably attack, giving him the initiative. Beware Ordos hit and run with las tanks and gas troops early in the game,- counter with sandbikes and kinjal/snipers. Also beware of the Hark infantry rush,buzzsaws and the missle tank- which will go after your carryall. Counter with, again, sandbikes and kinjal/10-15 light inf./2-5 snipers. Try not to build the expensive pieces first, this will put you at a disadvantage against an experienced player, early in the game. Agian- use inf. rock if possible. If your lucky, this should at least buy some time to build your more powerful weapons. Also, move your harvesters to an easily defendable position. This is easy with the new patch(one of my favorite improvements) to control harv. deployment. good luck, see you on Arrakis :)

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Guest Ordos_Yogurt

i got something for ordos...

Don't bother upgrading barracks. get 2 fully upgraded refynerys and bout 4 factories and build up 30 las tanks. then rush him. don't worry about targeting anything. just make them ride past the unit. it gets shot down. very good against heavy units (ie. slolw)

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