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Where did everybody go?

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Did everyone get jobs or something after Xmas?

I am still posting some of my RRT2 revelations and debugging, mostly in the maps forum. I'll be uploading another version of "US History" soon. I think I've worked around all of the drop-dead bugs, so I will be especially eager to have others try it and tell me how it plays for them. I am really pleased about some of the complex event sequences that are now working properly.

If anyone has experience with the CompanyTerritoryConnectedToTerritory() trigger function, please let me know if it will work correctly with a hidden-border (sub) territory that has been mapped to another territory.

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Hi Jeff,

I'm sure there are quite a number that come through here, though they might not post.  I check it almost every day... the trouble is, I'm a CPA, and working 12-15 hours most days this time of year, which cuts out virtually all RRT2 time.  But please do keep on posting -- I enjoy reading them!

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Members do check topics, but don't necessarily post. I find that to be very true in Hawk's web site.

The only time that some members do post, is when they are trying to find out the answer to a problem.

However, being more of a RT3 fan member and player, I don't go thru many of the topics. And the reason

is, that I would rather spend time playing, rather than checking to see what is occurring in the topics of

which I don't necessarily get involved. :D

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