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  1. Well, another year another comment. Actually, no comments. I decided to retry this scenario and found some embarrassing medal errors. Would have been nice if somebody had mentioned it... Anyway, I've moved some towns and tweaked some small items. This version may be ready to add to the main site downloads list but some feedback would be helpful. First edition, 2 downloads; second (actually version 15) 5 downloads (total 7), Third here is version 20, (1.20 for reference purposes). New England Shortlines20.zip
  2. Quite true, especially those who are limited to one site or the other for whatever reasons. But we're still here....
  3. Here it is: version 1. Between testing and tweaking (bane of the perfectionist- nothing ever gets finished....) I've decided to call a halt. It's lacking about 20% of the features I wanted, but then again I am already in danger of overloading the player. My one big problem was deciding to limit track to connected, or not, or limited amounts. Let's see how this grabs you for now. Read the REAME first; install by putting the ".gmp" into the MAPS folder as usual; no extra files. Feedback appreciated. Edit 11/29: 8k hits and only one download...I'm thinking too many "outside" hits. Perhaps a name change is in order? LestDarknessFall.zip
  4. I'm just beginning testing of a new scenario for RT3 1.05. The title is taken from a classic SF novel which takes an early 20th century professor back to early post imperial Rome where he decides to "invent" improvements to society to prevent the Dark Age. The scenario is long (up to a century), the map is huge (central and southern Europe, the entire Mediterranean, north Africa, and the old orient (now, western "middle east")). The event stack is a framerate killer too. Then again, if it runs on my little old Dell C640 laptop, anyone can probably play. In addition to the introductory dialogues, there will be an extensive readme file, (required reading, really!). Just what everyone wants... OK. There are difficulty-based differences; limited to impossible industrial activity for the first couple of decades or so; devastating (but limited) barbarian events in selected areas; and lots of victory point based assignments (not necessary at lower levels), but the cash incentives, usually company but sometimes personal-cash as well, are well worth pursuing. I hate having to write notes of these to keep from forgetting a target, but the status page has a space problem; I know there is supposed to be a way to multi-page the ledger but I've lost track of it temporarily. I want to include an automatic task reminder line on page 2 for these assignments, eventually. Right now, my main problem is that I'm not an expert player so I don't know how well I can test the upper dif levels for balance. To start, I just assumed the expert players are so much better than me that I could be especially restrictive and evil. Then again, that doesn't mean that I don't want it to be fun.....for them of course. I'm going to do a few weeks of testing at lower and moderate levels, before I post it here, and hope to get a volunteer or two for the rest- not that anyone isn't welcome just for the usual bug/typo search fest, of course. No doubt there are several howlers that I haven't caught yet. Let me know. Thanx.
  5. In playing 1.2 (w/new lng file "installed") I got an odd glitch- a poptop bug? All fertilizer was being counted as half. I shipped 3.6 and was credited with 2; hauled another train of 3.88 (total 7.48) and was credited with 3; shipped another car (100% = 8.48) and the status page said 4. So you really have to haul 1000 to get the 500 credit. Very weird. Got bronze (colonies) then silver (short only 8k acres greening). Nice concept though. Ever thought about doing the mariner valley?
  6. OK sorry it didn't take on the first try. By the way, I discovered an embarrassing error on the status page (while doing a final cleaning of the stack I seem to have moved the Status 4 line up several places by accident. Apologies to the two downloaders of the first version. -removed- see next post below 8/25 edit: ummm, two weeks; 6 downloads...no comment? C'mon guys; it can't be that bad... ...?
  7. New England Shortlines: RT3 1.05/ctc This will be my first posted scenario (let the beatings begin...). Seriously, this was meant to be a nice, easy, play-for-fun, map, that turned out to be a bit more challenging that I expected. New England has some nice foothills and shores, but the hinterlands are annoyingly bumpy! If anyone else has trouble, I may have to tweak the requirements a bit, but these are do-able. In fact, I may have to tough-up the gold a bit more. This is a standard zip file- unzip, read the readme, put the .gmp in the rt3 map folder and voila!
  8. OK- I don't understand the reference; I don't think I can change anything... ??? Plus as I write this there is a green band above the edit window that says "! This post will need approval from a moderator before this post is shown. This restriction will be lifted when you have 1 more approved posts" so, what did I break now?
  9. NOPE. :( Your send got to my box alright, and when I hit "reply" the test reply seemed to go out to you OK, but when I "compose new" I still get a box that says : (big red !) then: The following errors were found The member Gwizz cannot receive any new messages This personal message has not been sent I know the "TO" must be right; I mean gee whizz how many "Gwizz" are there anyway... BUT I know it knew to send to you because a dropdown appeared that confirmed to: "Gwizz (forum staff)" So, I can "reply" but can't send a fresh one. Weird! I hit New Compose; filled in the name Gwizz (which it confirmed knowing who I meant, as said), left the "invitations" box alone; put a few words in the subject line, and then the message in the box (very short for me, by the way), and hit send. I've tried three times. ??? I can't figure out where I'm goofing up, if its me? Edit: just picked JayEff at random (hope he doesn't mind) and the Pm was followed by a "message sent" box. Edit 2: Sent one to Gobalopper in case this is a staff effect; it said it was sent; tried you again Gwizz - same block and messages as before (above). Do you have me personally blocked somehow? BTW I work weekends so I won't see anything until Monday now, sorry. Can't get online there.
  10. to Gwizz: I don't know if this is a bug or something else... tried to PM you today and it wouldn't go through.
  11. I had a problem, first time: the new site seemed to have not gotten my old password. The correction system works- (just hit "forgot password", which I didn't by the way), and I just now changed it back to the same old password. edit 6/8: I thought I would help remove some of my trebled posts, but members can't delete their own? Is this a global option admin can set for members or does this software not allow it- which puts the whole burden on staff. If so, sorry to hear it. Edit 6/8.2 aologies- not used to this new (and very black) board- reached for "reply" and hit the minus sign by mistake. Now what did I break?
  12. This is a new scenario found on the H&B archive, by Oilcan, based on the premise that it didn't become a park after all. I recommend it. Unfortunately, there are a few glitches, (one serious); so if anyone happens to mention it to him, and he can get me on my e-mail or register here and PM, I'ld like to let him know what I found. Superb map, by the way. hintonwe@yahoo.com
  13. LOL x3 ... reminds me of an ex-wife I recall... ;D
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