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Unit attributes


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I have a game save in wich I captured all buildings in the game and therefore can build anything. If you want to know how much shots it takes from a particular unit to kill some other unit or building just ask. (you could examin the rules file but that's so much work)

For elite light infantry (Atreides), I found out that they have 150 % the health of a Sardaukar. They do about half as much damage. Not bad for a soldier of only 50 credits :).

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Yes, if you look at my topic about veterancy in the second page of this forum, you will see that the veterancy bonusses are very big. And don't forget Atreides can upgrade their barracks...

But about the health/damage etc. I can make a program maybe, what can calculate it...

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how much damage does a sard laser do to a kindjal

how much does a laser tank do to a kindjal

what about to a dev

is there a universal comparison for the 2

if you could answer any of these questions it would be helpful


What atr unit does the most damage to the demon harkonnen gun turrets ???

they keep on killing all of my minos on the geidi prime level (ok 3 but that is alot)

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Sardaukar Elite needs 20 shots to kill a Kindjal.

Lasertank needs 15 shots to kill a Kindjal.

Sardaukar Elite needs 17 shots to kill a Devastator.

Lasertank needs 13 shots to kill a Devastator.

As for the Harkonnen Gun Turrets, a Minotaur needs 10 shots to kill it. A Mongoose needs 8 shots. A sonic tank needs 9 shots. With no hight advantage for turret mongoose and mino both outrange the turret, sonic does not. Be carefull not to enter range of turret, because it kills both mongoose and mino in one salvo (sonic dies in one salvo as well).

Alternatively, you could use Kindjal, who kills the turret in 8 shots. A single Kindjal also dies in one salvo, but I don't know if they outrange the turret (would be difficult to position them out of range anyway). Or you could use Sardaukars, regular or elite, who do not die in a single salvo.

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all of my stupid scouts died on the last level and i cant get them into the enemy base so i cand even see the stupid gun turrets until it is too late

i think i have it too far zoomed out


i agree with neema

i was planning on making a map like that anyway

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How many EITS/saboteurs/infiltrators does it take to destroy a construction yard/factory/starport/barracks/windtrap(1 each right?)/hangar/guild palace/fremencamp/sardbarracks/IX/flesh Vat/etc.? Been wondering about these suicidal units for a while.

Also about the EITS, does the saboteur landing on the target cause more damage than a normal saboteur killing itself next to it?

Also, how many AA mines does it take to take out a carryall/adv. Carryall/orni/gunship/EITS/Air Drone?

And, if it is not too much trouble, which infantry take more than one sniper bullet to kill? (such as flamer, mortar)

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Dezertfish, that would take a lot of time to figure out. I'll mail the savegame to you.

The following I do remember:

A single AA mine kills a carryall (if carryall doesn't manage to dodge it)

Contaminator, Flamethrower, Fremen warrior, Fremen fed, Sardaukar, Sardaukar elite and Mortar infantry can survive a sniper shot (Sardaukar elite can survive 3).

When a saboteur falls on a building it will do more damage then when it explodes next to it.

I'll also mail it to leech13 and Nema Fakei. Not zipped that is, cause it's only 0.6 mb. If anybody else is interested let me know.

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