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Alaska Coal Mine Map ready


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I'm just finished day 8 and no where as strong as my last test game where I won Silver.  :P

I did make some changes.  Added an Iron mine to make hauling Goods a bit easier to achieve

Added 3 coal stops  vein # 1a, 4a, & 5a.  If you want to give the map more challenge, go to the editor and bulldoze these mine cities cones.  I also removed the mine explosion if you operated a steam loco in the mine.  Changed some hard rock to soft rock and made a few other minor changes.

Otherwise the map should be easier not harder.  We will see as I continue on.

PS:  The steam ship company does not like the mine management and will not serve their converted mail cars.  The capitan that brings food to exchange for coal does the same thing.  I don't know all of the history, but have heard that the mining company filed a lawsuit against the steamship company for not running on time.  It seemed of no importance that the river was frozen solid at the time.  After-all this is alaska.  In the winter the only warm place is in the coal mine and in the minds of the steamship company.  So I wouldn't drop a mail car at a port.  It might end up in the river.

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I downloaded this map and tried to play it this afternoon, but life reared it's ugly head and took me away from the game.

I've got some work to do this afternoon then I'll probably try it again.

I must say though, there sure is a lot of hard rock in that mine.  :O Too bad the rail crew can't dig through it. Sure would save a lot of the cost of laying track.  ::)

Seriously though, don't change anything. It's just a part of the challenge.  ;)

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In 1837 black power was the only explosive they had and Star drills for drilling the holes to put it in, was just being invented.  All they could do was pick away at the soft rock.

Anyway the tunnels were done.  It is just dark in the mine and it was hard to see which way they went.   ;D    I should have included Telsa's night vision goggles with the map or was he born yet.  I quess not.  But I heard he was a visiter from space and not human.  Who knows when he was born.  He was blowing the tops off of mountains with some kind of beam from 6 miles away.  Now did I remember that correctly?  I doubt it.  I'm not sure I even spelled his name correctly.   

Hey, Telsa technology might make for an interesting map.   ??? 

Now what is the trigger for blowing the top off a mountain?  ::)

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Gwizz, what a lot of work and ingenuity you have put into this. You sure must have fun doing these scenarios. I like to play a good new scenario but cannot get into the roleplaying like you do.

The scenario seems to work fine.

I guess its clear that the coal port territory on either side of the water is the necessary territory for load counts. I also noticed when laying track that its occasionally possible for it to go through a disallowed square, so one is well advised to do a save before a build and check that a train can reach the port station.

Playing on Expert, I got the coal deliveries to the docks completed by 8:00PM on Jan 15 without using the three "A" stations. I won't mention my goods or passenger totals because I could pretty well make them as high as I wanted to.

Running 8 Prussians and 4 BoBos on the west side and 25 BoBos on the east side, Having $11.4M cash, 665 single track and 156 double track cells. Had one crash on the 13th. I hardly ever play a scenario more than once, and doubt I could improve very much on this one by doing so, but it was a good play.

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