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Heartland Map


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This is the Heartland Map that I tried to up load to Cyberail and was unable.  Thanks to Gwizz I made a copy of the map and mailed it to him and he posted it here.

It is as said a Railroad owner map.  Your Railroad must be the best to win and it runs for 50 years.  I found that it took about 48 to 49 years to takeover the other Railroads to be the only one still around. It is all about making money with rail transportation.  So have fun.


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Really enjoyed playing this. On Expert I added two extra AI players. Big mistake ;D :-[ Would have had no trouble reaching CBV but trying to take over even one of three AI's was impossible. Managed to buy vast quantities of shares in each of them but the main owner always outnumbered me and even when the cheapest shares stood at double the CBV and I offered a 100% (ie maximum) takeover bid it was rejected so I hadn't a chance. I'll try it again soon - without the extra players! >:( >:(

One thing. At each year end I was told I'd paid my taxes (3 x) $100k, $50k, $25k) but neither my Co or Personal cash seemed to alter. What should happen? I was also asked to pay employees 0%/2%/3%/4% extra but whatever I did seemed to make no difference. Thought when I paid thim 0% for 3 years running I might have a strike but it had no affect. Again what should happen?

Incidentally this was one scenario wher the AI's acted only too intelligently.

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Played it again on Expert with no additional players so only one AI. Had no trouble taking this over and connected every town on the map and had a CBV of $80m in 1892 (ie 27 yrs). Played on for another two years adding $6m a year to CBV before I packed it in with Gold still not recorded. Presumably you have to keep playing to 1915 but with the only things to do making round tracks this seemed a bit boring so I gave up. I also owned 95% of the shares.

My previous comments on taxes and pay rises remains as once again these had no effect on gameplay/cash.

Enjoyed the scenario very much.

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I only had time to play one more year on the map.

Added 6 more locos to my RR for 36.

Added another short line to the one AI RR still running.  It is running 7 trains on its 2 spurs and 1 main line.

Those other 4 chairmen are still meeting in the local gambling hall and have yet to build any more railroads.

The chairman of the one AI that is running has a Net worth of 190K.  So I will leave him alone.

The others have 380K, 425K, 605K, and 680K demending upon their wins and losses at the casino.  ;D

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woke up early this morning and let the game run for two more years.

None of the AI chairman would start a new RR.  Strange.

Tried a couple of restarts with 5 AI RRs and the AI will build between other cities.

AIs like to share Milwaukee.  Even had one build a bridge over a river.

Since my 4 chairman won't start a new RR the game must limit this activity in some way.

I've had an AI restart a 2nd railroad on other maps.  This map does limit me from starting a 2nd railroad I believe.

Well time to get ready for work.


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Here is something I received via email about the map:

Please pass through to author.  Finished 50 year project with over $175M in CBV, I'm the only company in business, and game gave me a bronze medal.  Also, was able to buy out all competition at 10 years (and not 48-49 years).  Fun sim, easy to win, but expect to win the award for which I am qualified.


Brian Swoger

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I did a quick look see at the gold event.  It looked like it should work.  On my copy of the map I did removed the effect for the 50 year requirement.  So now gold should fire as soon as gold is reached and not have to wait for 50 years.

Also changed the events on my copy for taxes, clicked to only test against the players RR.  Then later forgot to watch to see if the taxes came out of the company money.  I think I saw the $ figure change when one of the tax events fired but I'm not sure.

Anyway.  I used the shift E key for the 1st time.  Added two more AI players to the middle of my game.

clicked shift E again to go back to the game. each AI chairmen had 100k in cash.  Both quickly started a RR.

Went back with shift E and added 2 more AIs and gave each over 1000k in cash.  These two failed to start a RR.

Went back and added 4 more AI chairmen.  each with the normal 100K in cash.  These 4 failed to start a RR.

There were a number of cities for them to build to. 

I tried to pay off my 24.5 million bond.  I was only able to pay off 10 millon.  At least it says I pay no interest on the remaining 14.5 million.  I guess the 10 million bond Bug is still in place.

Played the game for 3 more years.

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Hmm the 50 year thing might have been his problem then, here is an addition he sent:

A Government that charges a tax then fails to collect is my kind of gov.  But is not what was intended for the game...  I am not sure about the gold, I did it three times and did not detect a problem.  But in all three I was the only RR left in business, and was played on normal.
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Thanks for the nice commints. I enjoyed making the map and am glad you all enjoyed it. Sorry that some of the events did not work right. If someone wants to clean the map up and repost it that is ok with me. The point is to have a map that is playable and fun not glory... :D

The map was originally intended for mulit-player play with the players setting the winning contitions.  But because mulit-play is not yet working right I made some changes and added winning contitions.

There does seem to be some problems with the event editor in this. I have been finding that many of the eventsd I try in another map I am working on don't do and trigger as I was intending.

>> Feel free to make any changes you want before playing, again Thanks and continue having fun with this game.

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