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    Goal: In the year 1675 King Phillip Chief of the Wampanoag tribe attacked the English settlements in New England. In June of that year the Mohegans, instead of joining with the colonists, joined forces with King Phillip. Together they drove the English and the French back into the sea. Now after 200 years of successfully defending their lands, Chief Red Cloud of the Lakota has sent word to you. He asks for your help building a rail system to unite the newly formed nations in America. Are you up to the task? You have 40 years to complete the following: __) BRONZE (__ Connect the national capitol in Kansas City to Waukegan and Iroquois City. And collect $200 million in industry profits. __) SILVER (__ Along with the above connect your rails to Geronimo and Lakota. And make $300 million profit from your industries. __) GOLD (__ Also connect to Osseolia. And make $400 Million in industry profits. __) NOTES (__ You may only start one company. And no unconnected track building allowed. Author's Comments: What if history had been just a little bit different?
  2. I down loaded both versions.I'll try them out this weekend.
  3. Thats good to hear(the map part not the computer)
  4. I don't know what would be causing the problem.I've played it all the way through numerious times and never had it do that.
  5. Glad to hear you enjoyed the game. I have another one in the works.I'll be posting it after I run a few more tests.
  6. Thanks for the patch.I'll have to see if it does anything. The attachment didn't down load right but the link worked.
  7. Any word on when that patch is coming out?And what issues it is going to address?
  8. You haven't gotten to the fire yet.But its comming.And some other stuff too.What year did you start in? I like using AI companies too.I wanted to make a map with 9 AI's and you had to be the only one left.But kept running into the problem that atleast one would start a new co.But would own all stock and never issue any on the market. Maybe I'm just not that experienced at this game. But I've found that to be a problem. If there isn't any stock to buy it makes it kinda hard to buy out the co. :(
  9. I have noticed that in RR3 you can not use AI RRs in the city connection.It has to be fully in your control.No fire yet?
  10. Glad to hear I'm not the only one that has spelling problems ;D
  11. :DGlad your enjoying it.Keep me posted on any problems you find.I think I was able to fix all the ones I found.But sometimes it takes another person to find stuff. Did you get the map I emailed to you?
  12. Sounds like trouble.But don't worry,Once the triggers start hitting it will get worse. :)
  13. Glad it finally worked!I used the map builder to start but then made some changes. This was the first one I've done using the map builder.So theres probably some strange stuff(like rivers running backwards) I think I fixed most of it but you never know.Anyway have fun and watch out for grass fires.They can be distructive. What res. do you work on?
  14. Ok,I'll give that a try.[attachment archived by Gobalopper]
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