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    Goal: We have twenty one years to rebuild our countries decrepit railways and make our sugar industry prosperous once more. Comrade Mao I ask you, in fraternal friendship, to aid the great Cuban revolution to the best of your abilities. By the end of 1980 we must connect every city and earn an industrial revenue of $10million. This will earn you a Gold Medal and the grateful thanks of the people of Cuba. Failure will, as you would expect, get you nothing. You must also commence building from our Havana rail, and cannot build any discontinuous track. Oh, and one other little thing. We cannot af
  2. Hi DV - long time since this forum was active. Can I suggest you also posto onto http://hawkdawg.com/ which seems to be the only active RT3 site now
  3. There's hundreds of posts on this around. For example one I found quickly is http://www.expressworldforum.com/forum/index.php?topic=468.0
  4. This is an Industry Scenario. Build a Tool & Die where there is Iron and Coal together (using a Bond and Stock Issue). Later you will be able to build a Steel Mill in this area (when, or before, message re T&Ds needing steel not iron comes up) and you can build other industries like Textiles. Lay rails with care and don't expand too fast so that you have no cash for industries. I finished 5 years early on both Normal and afterwards on Expert.
  5. Yes it is nice to see new members so Welcome - and however long you've been playing you keep learning new things - like the shift click method of inserting a station which I've been doing the old/hard way as described above for years. One of the great things about RT3 is the number of user built scenarios which makes the game virtually inexhaustible so if you heven't got any yet there's scores available when you've beaten all those in the game as supplied.
  6. Hi Gw. Played this twice and 2nd time I got close. Missed out on loads (only 515) and CBV ($6.5) took me another 14 months to get loads by which time CBV was over $8m. Nice idea but a few oddities occur - like lines to some places are real hard to place for no apparent reason but when you do succeed and place a station it says connected - and you can run trains - but no station shows up on the map! Anyway as I hate long scenarios this one suits me fine ;D ;D ;D
  7. No Hawks map is an RT3 one and is someones own creation not a PopTop one - don't know who I'm afraid.
  8. See Pennsylvania topic for why I've giot the following but I hope it answers your query! Campaign Eleven: Argentina Haul 350 loads meat, 200 wool, 100 grain and have Industry Profits of $25m in 30 years What a relief to find another easy campaign. I found little difference between Easy & Hard
  9. Looks like the following (As a nerd I used to make notes on how to win every scenarion on Expert but there are now so many I've stopped trying!) Pensylvania 1855 Carry 1500 loads oil, 750 coal & iron, 500 steel plus revenue $1billion and PNW $250m in 50 years The AI
  10. It is correct that you will get the dividend as you would expect but this answer is not quite as simple if you are substantially in debt. I've posted on this on several RT3 boards and no-one has been able to figure out why - or say it doesn't happen to them. To give an (slightly exaggereated) example: I've borrowed $2m and bought 100% of my company shares. I have virtually no borrowing capacity left so to get back into the black I increase dividends to (lets be realistic) $500k. A year later my borrowings should have reduced to about $1.5m. But - in these circumstances - they scarcely alter. I
  11. The way it works is if F1 selling price is $5 and F2 $6 and F3 $7 with station wanting produce paying $10. Then F1 sells to F2 who sells to F3 who sells it all to Stn. But this rarely if ever happens - all 3 F are likely to be $5 in which case F1 wont load because it doesn't know Stn will pay $10. If it does happen then loads are on and off all the time which is why (if the distances are not too great) its just as quick to go F1-Stn-F2-Stn etc. In early days I nearly always run trains this way if the trains are costing (say $100,000) a lot because there isn't normally much cargo and you can
  12. The intention is that trains only stop when necessary. There have been bugs in some scenarios but I think you should discount this and carry on as you are doing as you seem to be getting the spacing right.
  13. You can't. In fact as the price at farm2 is unlikely to be higher than at 1 you may never pick anything up. You can try by setting only 2 cars on corn at farm1 4 at farm2 and 6 at farm3 but you'll be very lucky if it works. Best way (if you can't afford 3 cheap trains) iis to run the train with a minimum consist of 2 (max 8 if you like) F1 - destination - F2 - destn - F3 - destn.
  14. Interesting - On Normal I've got to 1890 without any handouts and probably already have over 100 trains and have connected 80 of the 90 stations required but with annl divs of $1.3m (and one of $1.7m) things have got very tough. Tried Hotels to reduce my overheads but (with a few exceptions) these haven't paid off. Of course the last 10 towns need tunnels costing around $3m each and entry to other countries so times are getting hard. Until now the debt caused by dividend payment has been paid off in the first 6 months but on my only try since 1890 I couldn't get into the black and by 1900 when
  15. O/K went to Expert and solely Industried for a while so got Gold quickly. Played on and connected two of three towns so was still Gold at next stage. The war however seemed impossible to negotiate - No troops anywhere on map and places supplying weapons and ammo had nil stock - likewise alcohol. There's umpteen breweries on the map but few grain farms so only one could produce alcohol and by the time I'd been able to connect it to the farms & Melbourne without bonds the war was over. I hadn't cash to try to run steel etc to any weapons and ammo factories but weapons needed rubber and th
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