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Ix Projectors?


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the best things to duplicate are:

Leech: fires a larve that will transform into a real leech.

Deviators: cuz they are too expensive to replace and dont really have a life span anyways.

Fremen: they provide the exact same power as the fedykins and fremen except for their exceptionally small life span.

Scouts: they detect stealth units and they can be used for their real job and do it effectively.

Missle Tanks: They do the damage at a range against vehicles.

Inkvine Catapult: They do the damage at a range against infantry

Buzzsaws: in large masses of projections they can be used if you like to destroy enemy spice fields without the fear of losing any of your units.

Sardaukar Elite: Use em against ordos Shielded units to make the Holtzman Effect

Lazer Tanks: Use em against their own house shielded units

im probably missing a couple things that could be useful as a projection but then you can just add it to the next post.

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