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Hark vs human


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I've seen that there are not so much  Harkonnen strategies against humans. Strategies which rely on therselves

A good start is to build quickly 10 Buzzsaw then some Assault Tanks and then Buzzsaw/Assault Tanksm, untill you have a nice starter army. While you build this. Build some Light Infanter/Flame Infantery and alot of Troopers. For AA and Anti-NIAB. Spread them through your base. It is also nice to have some Flame Turrets (Flame Tanks will work also), for counter to the Ordos Infantery Rushes. Make sure that you have quickly (relies on the amount of starting money) 2 upgraded refineries. Some defense and AA with your spice fields.

For the Attack:

Make some 2 Launchers between the building of all Buzzsaws/Assault Tanks. And attack when the enemy is weak.

Or attack with alot of Troopers with them.

Annoy the enemy with Catapults.

Build quite quickly your hangar and build non-stop Gunships. Then after a while you have an almost unstopable airstrike rush.

Are there more? Please post them.

And don't answer like: 'that strategy sucks'

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Hmm ADP's could be useful to cover your rushes. Although they make it a little bit slower.

But aren't there more strategies?...

P.s. please, shihaliud, don't use so mcu multiple smileys

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Harkonnen depend's alot on other units to survive, since they have problems engaging speedy and long range units.

I build alot of every unit type and then split them into groups. If a laser tank squad or some other units approach. I attack them with the other groups, while the group attacked can still strike back.

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