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Reading Spouse's E-Mails a Felony

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I think he's actually being charged for accessing her password-protected computer, not for forwarding the emails.

If what he says about them both using the computer and her keeping all her passwords in a notebook beside the computer is true, he didn't really "hack" anything.

Does the fact he's facing trial mean this nonsense was presented to and passed by a grand jury? Hopefully the judge will throw it out for sheer stupidity.

Yes, I agree this is stupid. But it's not the end of the (Western) world. Not that I believe my saying so will stop you from wringing your hands and crying O woe, O woe is we! rolleyes.gif

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It's ridiculous. They should all get sacked for making an issue of such nonsense (attorneys removed their licenses and judges sacked).

And if you ask for opinion for his action: Good he did. I did the same yesterday, to teach a lesson to my wife: You should always take care of your passwords. ;-)

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