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Dune Trivia


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Dune Trivia:Children of Dune Edition

1. While engaging the laza tigers in a narrow cut in the rocks, Ghanima received a claw wound. In which body part was she cut?

2. Ghanima, in a confrontation with Irulan concerning a message from Farad'n, accuses Irulan of teaching her grandmother to suck ____ ?

3. What color were the bourkas supplied by the Corrinos as a gift for the twins and what pattern was at the hem and forehead?

4. What are Leto's first words to his father when they met in the desert?

5. What did The Preacher's guide, Tariq, bury in the sand in an attempt to murder both Paul and Leto?

These are fairly tough, but a little digging or a great memory will make these a little easier. If you like and want more just let me know and I will get to work. I will list correct answers in a few days or alert correct responders asap. Thanks for your time and I wish you good luck!

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If I remember correctly, he buried a small shield generator in the sand, to attract and enrage a sandworm.

5. ...close but nope~ pseudo shield pg 344 CoD Ace paperback. And to clear up things for the thicker brothers I AM referring to the book not the movie.

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