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US mid term elections

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Of course. Everything that's gone wrong for the Obama administration is entirely the fault of the man at the top, and not at all due to a decade of fiscal gambling under another administration, so it makes complete sense that anything going right in the future will be due to someone else taking the credit for his work. I mean their work. Shoot, what'd I say?

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Well you know the current recovery is due to Bush tax cuts, and other spending. cheesy.gif

This is the Bush recovery. Obama is just a transitionary figure who caused the recession. 1 term president. /sarcasm


If say, this was a president election year and we got the current results, would that have meant that a republican would be president?

So basically if republicans hold on to their house of representatives seats for next election, does that mean republican president?

Or is that a different vote?

US elections is a mess. midterm elections? In Canada there are just elections (and byelections if someone dies etc).

I mean if in this midterm election if republicans won 80% (or 100%) of seats, does that mean Obama still president since it wasn't a presidential election year?


Forgot to add: With republicans having majority, does this mean the democrats will now refuse to work with republicans and filibuster everything, just like whoever doesn't have majority always does?

I'm sure the dems got lots of pork projects over past 4 years when they controlled House, now it is repubs time to add more pork to bills.

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The system is a mess, but as I understand it the Republicans could choose to work friendly-like if they so chose. And that is a possibility, if their newly resurgent far right wing drives the moderates towards the Democrats in the hope of achieving anything.

But I doubt that. Gridlock is more likely simply because the Republicans are so ornery.

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Even worse here in Greece! I had to take new photos of my baby because the first ones were of 'unsuitable quality' (Both sets from professional photographers). It was faster to get the Australian citizenship for him (from UK office) that a Greek passport. Now I am going to apply for his Australian passport too, and they even accept inkjet printed photos. I hope they will not reject them also.

How long did it take her to get the damned passport?

BTW this should be in Exposed but since you went a bit of topic here is the latest stupidity: Taxation office send bill to the bonekeeper of a cemetery for a deceased person!!!! Yea, even the cemetery is a valid address and you are obligated to pay debts even after your body has been consumed by worms. I wonder if the deceased doesn't pay, what will be the punishment? Will they imprison his bones?

Talking about dead people, has it ever happened that they also vote? Because it happens in some 'democratic' countries.

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"This nation is on a course where if we don't ... get ... fiscal policy (under control), we're Greece. We're a banana republic." -- US Senator Judd Gregg.

This is a quote from outgoing US Senator Judd Gregg from the state of New Hampshire. He is allegedly slated to be the next US Secretary of the Treasury.

Should he be putting down Greece like that?

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The dictators* who rule Greece are both morons and national traitors^. So he is absolutely right as regards the deplorable condition of Greece. But absolutely WRONG to his solution. Actually I would say that he is a threat to humanity and your nation.


The two main instruments of fiscal policy are government expenditure and taxation.


Without increasing government expenditure you cannot have development.

Higher taxation is the final shot to the economy.

The false reasoning of the world dictatorship that rules planet Earth (The Beast) is that a lot of money that goes into expenditures is wasted and so expenditures need to be truncated/applied more efficiently. Of course the money is 'wasted' in that it goes into their pockets in order to enslave the masses and strenghten their domination. Be sure that those money will not be truncated. What are usually truncated are the crumbs that return to the taxpayers. So the masses go hungry and have to resort in selling their freedom for a plate of lentils.


1. Because 'Democracy' and 'Elections' are a joke.

2. Even in this joke they lack the support of the massive majority of the population/voters (I 'll speak about this more after the second round (coming Sunday) of district elections here in Greece).


I would post the following into the Exposed thread, but it is better to post it here to show why Greece is a banana republic:

The government was organizing a competition to get the best offer for doing research for OIL/NG in a specific area. A known company appeared and stated that they do not need to make research but to immediately start drilling out OIL/NG with their own expenses! They were kicked out and the government continued with the competition! You see, their aim was NOT to drill out OIL/NG but to make a competition and waste (=EAT, put in their pockets) the money of the taxpayers. It was already known that there EXISTS OIL/NG in the area from previous experimental drillings-even dating back to 1939, as was revealed by REAL journalists, who are not PAYED PUPPETS of the BEAST. Never eat the PAYED PUPPET MEDIA scum that is offered to you!

As true Christians we should of course be constantly on the watch in order to avoid getting misled and loose not only our freedom (the Sign of the Beast) but our eternal life.

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It is not only Judd Gregg who puts down Greece like that. Hugo Chávez has also stated that he will never allow his country to go under IMF and end like Greece.

After Greece the time came to enslave more countries:

Ireland is next. After will be Portugal, ...

And of course USA will follow soon.

(Please check videos of Webster Tarpley to see how.)

Some interesting comments on the US elections here:


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"This nation is on a course where if we don't ... get ... fiscal policy (under control), we're Greece. We're a banana republic." -- US Senator Judd Gregg.

This is a quote from outgoing US Senator Judd Gregg from the state of New Hampshire. He is allegedly slated to be the next US Secretary of the Treasury.

Should he be putting down Greece like that?

first of - the US shouldn't really be putting anyone down - before one can point fingers he need to have a clear back. Taking the US lack of fundamental human rights in notion the US should be holding it's tongue.

Obama blaming the Chinese (and rightfully so) for keeping the value of the RMB low, and then afterwards ordering the national bank to print more greens - hypocracy!

That being said - Greece (the politicians in Greece) has been holding the EU for a fool, lying about their finances (perhaps EU wanted to be lied to?). So they get what are comming to them.

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You are right. The minute detail that makes the difference is that among the bunch of villains who try to fool each other for their own benefit, a few have more power and consequently access to more information. Thus their are in a better position to promote their evil plans-plans that the majority probably lacks the mount of gray matter needed to grasp, far more to be able to intercept.

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Oh Boehner. Such a funny name for such a guy. It's funny; politically speaking I tend to have nearly conflicting opinions:

I am a liberal because I care about the rights and freedoms of my friends and family

I have anarchist/libertarian leanings because of corruption in government, particularly by big business

I am socialist because of social issues and my hatred of big business

Finally, I am a proponent of a secret/Illuminati government, because people are just not capable of making the right decisions for themselves.

To compound that last thought: I am almost a proponent of an AI government, because computers can be programmed to be rational decision-makers.

Maybe world leaders should be trained and conditioned to make good decisions- kind of like mentats- instead of simply trusted.

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