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Rocket turrets / normal turrets


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Someone created an issue at the d2tm google code project: http://code.google.com/p/dune2themaker/issues/detail?id=23

Basically it says that a turret should not change its target to a closer one. For now, the turret always attacks the closest target. This means that if it had a target found a second ago, it might change to a different target. It makes turrets slower this way.

How does this work in Dune 2? And, besides that, how would you like to see them work? Should they lock on their target, until it is out of range and *only then* find a new closest target?

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Well besides some smart logic, there is also the gameplay to consider. It would be probably no fun if the AI of the turret took care of 'picking the easiest to destroy target'. In turn, the player should be able to order the turret to attack any target possible (if in range).

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How does this work in Dune 2?

Well, I'm not 100% sure on this, but I think that in Dune 2, the turret picks a target and attacks it until it is either destroyed or out of range. If multiple targets are within firing range, I think it picks the one with the highest threat rating (which is a preset constant unit parameter), but I'm not sure. Maybe it just picks the first one to enter its attack range. What is certain is that R-Turrets will attack 'thopters before anything else. In any case, the turrets in Dune 2 do not switch targets after one is picked, unless it moves outside the turret's attack range.

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If it is possible I would have it attack the target with the least hit points remaining but allow the player to control it, and once the player has issued that command, have it not deviate until the target is destroyed, out of range, or the player manually chooses a new target.

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