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  1. I just discovered Dune Legacy, and also found you guys here with Dune II - The Maker. I was wondering what files are needed to install Dune II - The Maker. With Dune Legacy, all you needed was the PAK files. Do you need more with D2TM? like the dune.exe? what is involved with the installation process? Thanks for your time.
  2. If it is possible I would have it attack the target with the least hit points remaining but allow the player to control it, and once the player has issued that command, have it not deviate until the target is destroyed, out of range, or the player manually chooses a new target.
  3. This is slightly off topic. But is there any version of Dune II that uses the style used in the Genesis/Megadrive version of Dune 2 mixed with the style of the original C&C and C&C Gold/95. What I mean by this is, the context sensitive cursor, the glowing green and red line marks when you are deploying a building. I really like side sidebar in Dune II - The Maker, and the new special effects are awesome. but is there a way turn off some of the lighting effects to make it look more like Dune II Genesis/C&C/C&C Gold/95
  4. The more options the better in my book. The default should still be C&C style though IMO. I play Starcraft II a ton but I still want my Westwood games to play like a Westwood game.
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