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I was just wondering if anyone else on the forum has any. Also, if they do what they are and if it has any meaning behind them.

I have two..

A star of David on my chest. Since I'm well. Jewish. The symbol in the middle is supposed to be Chai for life.  Everyone asks me why I have Pi or my favorite a Rhino on my chest.

I tell them Jewish Rhinos' are the best. It didn't hurt too bad except for the top part which is pretty close to my collar bone.


The second one


It's a Latin phrase attributed to General Hannibal during the Second Punic War. When told his Elephants were not going to cross the Alps. Thats the phrase he supposidly said.  "aut viam invenam aut faciam" Which is pretty much "If I can't find a way I'll make one." Which I've taken as a sort of personal Motto.

The Pain? Well it sorta felt like I was giving birth on my side.

Anyone Else?

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When I was younger I thought about getting two tattoos:

I'm right-eyed (I typically focus on things with my right eye) and left-handed, so I was thinking of getting a symbol for information incoming and information outgoing (what I see/hear/feel and what I do).

So I've thought quite a bit about getting a psi symbol, symbolizing my life of learning about psychology, on my right shoulder (what I learn, see, etc):


Then getting the symbol of Thelema (the unicursal hexagram), which symbolizes my interest in the occult and the idea of "Do what thou Wilt shall be the whole of The Law" on my left shoulder (what I do):


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How is it un christian? I thought only Jews weren't supposed to get tattoos.

Probably that nonsense about the body being "the Lord's temple" and any act of intentional disfigurement being a defilement. The Heretic Jewish Paulians ("Christians") didn't throw out ALL the Jewish laws, after all, just the hard-to-keep ones that would have made them less popular with the wider Greek/Roman society. Like the dietary restrictions and circumcision.

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