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I'm very glad to say, that finally, after many years of study I am reaching the end now. I have worked, and finished, my thesis about Software Quality. I will be having a final presentation at 21st of June (at 20:30, GMT+1). After that I will hear if I have graduated. I can call myself a Bachalor of ICT (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bachelor_of_Information_Technology) once I pass.

All in all reason for a party.

So, why is it relevant here. Well, I've always used my study as an excuse.. lets say I just choose to spend time on my study instead of D2TM. So, now, with the study (almost) finished. You can expect I will be reevaluating the D2TM project. And I will continue it in some way. I am  not sure how yet, perhaps in Java (it has many advantages for developers, but it has a downside as well). Perhaps I will rewrite it using SDL. Perhaps I might even just continue refactor the existing code. I am not sure yet.

But I am sure, that I will be working on the project again :)

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and away from Java!

Why is that?

If i had to choose between two languages (ie, C and Java), then based on the available build tools and the ability to easily test my code, Java is lightyears ahead compared to C (or even C++ for that matter).

The only 'thing' you might dislike is that you have to install a JRE (Java Runtime Environment).

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Yesterday I've graduated. On the 7th of July i can call myself a B ICT :)  I got a superb grade for my thesis... 9 out of 10 :D

Ah, I totally agree with the performance issue. But then again, for an indie game like D2TM it is not that important as for superb 3D games. I have written a simple tile engine in Java, and it ran at higher FPS (due the OpenGL native binding (~ 200/300 FPS)) than current D2TM (~ 70/80 FPS). I bet if i use OpenGL in C(++), which I am not using (just using simple 2D graphics), it would be higher. But anything > 60 FPS is good enough.

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Yesterday I've graduated. On the 7th of July i can call myself a B ICT :)  I got a superb grade for my thesis... 9 out of 10 :D

Wow Stefan, that's really impressive! Congrats!

I don't wish to start a language war here, but please don't rely on tests like that to measure performance. In 'real' programs java and c++ perform about the same. Java startup times are longer because the JVM meeds to be loaded, but for the rest...

Some time ago I made a 3D game in Java. There were about one million polygons on screen, and it runs fine (+/- 60 fps) on an Intel graphics card. On beefy hardware it runs at about 1500 frames per second. Performance really isn't an issue.

Btw Stefan, if you chose to continue in Java, my original offer is still open. If you're interested ;)

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Thanks. Yes, it was a really high grade. I did not expect that, although I did expect it was 'good' :)

About Java and performance. I think it really depends on the type of program you're creating. I think for a game like D2TM, or anything in that order, it is ok to use Java.

I've some sketches about an RTS/Dune game laying around. I might give it a try, and I think i'd do that in Java :)

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