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When you think about it...

ONE mino = 8-9 kindjals ... thats really sad there...

so the next time you build 10 mino's think - if i built three less i could have 30 kindjals...

and 30 kindjals are A GOOD thing to have! BswAahaA

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No the Kobra can fire in the height, the Minotaurus is the only one who have the height problem

They fire like this:




  /   |

O     |

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People that send out anti infantry units are pretty Dumb. Its a waste of men and money, While you can destroy alot of Verhicles with The types mixed. Anti Inf + Anti Verhic. <--- Best mix. But alot of Newbies doesnt use it and its simple like hell jezus.

I encounterd alot of People doing that.  :O

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