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Dune II music 'hidden' in real music?


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The music from Dune 2000 as well as some in Emperor: Battle for Dune resembles Dune 2 music ;D

Some of these tracks here feel quite reminiscent of Dune 2/2000 (it's a very nice soundtrack for a Tiberian Sun mod).

[Edit] Oh, and by the way, Stefan, the way you formulated the thread title seems to imply that Dune 2 music is somehow not "real" enough, as it is opposed to "real" music as you put it. I'm certain it was not the intention to belittle the aesthetic significance of Frank Klepacki's work ;)

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To be fair, Stefan did not even once say Dune 2 music is used in the mentioned Deep Purple song. The word "hidden" in the title is put in quotation marks, which does not imply that a piece of Dune 2 music is actually present in some other music.

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I think that in some interview of maybe in a conversation at Petroglyph forums Frank mentioned his musical preferences, so it can be checked. Or, you could mail him and ask directly, I've heard he's very friendly and does not treat people with neglect :)

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