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[Warlords 2] - Participation by Proxy

Dragoon Knight

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As part of our new Fan Fiction, Warlords 2, Dante and I have decided to offer a new way of participation.

We are fully aware that some people who may be interested in the plot, and perhaps the idea of being a part of it, will be unable to commit themselves to posting.  Whether this is due to time constraints, lack of confidence or some other equally prohibitive reason, it's no surprise that the level of commitment posting requires is simply unfeasible for most.

As the authors, Dante and I are obviously invested in the ongoing development of the thread.  We will be structuring the plot to a certain degree, but hope to include as many people as possible through a new system of participation by proxy (PBP).

- Wait what?

If you're interested in being a part of Warlords 2, then you should send a PM to either Dante or myself, letting us know.

- Yes, but what?

In the PM, just let us know that you want to take part.  What we'll do is incorporate your name and certain character traits into the storyline.  In effect, we'll write on your behalf.

- So you'll send me pre-written replies for me to post?

No; Dante and I will decide between ourselves which of us would be best suited to post your particular viewpoint, and you will effectively become another character.

- What kind of control will I have?

You'll retain full control over our use of your name and character.  If at any point, you wish to be removed from the story, simply let one of us know.  However, by initially giving us permission, you understand that denying permission at a later date will only entail our removing you from the plot as quickly as the narrative allows.  Your presence between the time that you gave and denied permission will not be deleted.

- Sounds good, but I want more details.

We're not about to give away the plot, so don't get your hopes up.  We're also not going to be able to afford you the same freedom that a full-fledged poster would get, since our own writing styles and ideas about the direction your character will take, will be the driving force behind the contribution.

- Can I suggest things?

Yes, but suggest is the key term.  You can't make any demands, like you rebelling against another character or somesuch, or make alterations to the plot.  But you can let us know what your character might do, given the current situation, and we'll factor that in to the actions your character eventually takes.

- How big a role will I play?

That depends on a number of factors.  How big a role do you want to play?  There is also an element of first come, first served; we won't be able to incorporate everyone immediately, since the addition of too many new characters too quickly would dilute the plot.  Similarly, we can't have everyone be an ex-Warlord.  Suffice it to say, though, that your character will be a person of importance.  You will be given a perspective of your own (i.e. posts written from your character's viewpoint and/or centering on their actions) and you will play a significant part in the overall plot.

- What if I want to start posting myself?

This would have to be discussed at length, since we will likely have plans for your character, which we'll have to either alter or divulge, depending on their level of involvement.  You'd have to be sure that you'd be able to keep up the pace, so to speak, and maintain a high quality of posting while doing so.  Once this had been sorted, however, you would eventually be able to post just as though you'd always been doing so.  But be aware that jumping in and out of the thread, handing the burden of posting to myself or Dante for a while, then coming back, is unacceptable.  To this end, if you choose to give your character back to us, you will not be able to start posting again.  You are free to withdraw our permission to use them, but otherwise, we'll keep posting for you.  You'll still be able to suggest and contribute by proxy as you first did.

Feel free to post any more questions you have in this thread, and I'll update this post with more details as required.  Any questions asked in PM will also be updated here, if they're pertinent to the PBP process as a whole.  I look forward to seeing some interest in the coming days.

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You could pick a good deal of the characteristics.  You would be able to determine what you looked like, what sort of attitude you have, your moral stance, etc.  You'd effectively be presenting a character to us - our job would be to integrate that character into the storyline in one way or another.

You'd also be able to suggest what role you'd like your character to take, his location in FED2k, how he's survived and potentially other aspects, too.  But again, these would only be suggestions.  Hope this clears up some of the confusion. :)

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I'd like to announce that the first instance of posting by proxy has taken place. I had to request permission rather than use a volunteer, but on the bright side that meant that I could use a character that I really wanted to.

I'd also like to point out that, while I personally love name-dropping when I'm writing, we're breaking from the norm in order to follow the rules exactly. That means that we're asking permission for every name we use, or accepting volunteers. So while I might like to write something like "Dante leaned back and remembered the great war of '99, when the great Mahdi/Ordos45 conflict had been averted by the arrival of Nema Fakei and his army of Timenn clones," I won't put it into the fiction without permission. It's a shame, but I have my reasons. So consider this a request for names to name-drop in addition to actual participants.

I mean we're basically writing fanfiction about ourselves. That's being pretty damned meta. It would be nice if we could write about everyone, or at least as many people as possible.

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