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atriedies stratigies


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I have a problem every match i go into i get wipped just to say now i am a kind of a newbie because i have only been playing the computer but now i've started on the web against other people i'm getting WIPPED !!!!! SO BAD IT's so imbarassing my opponent always get to me so quick with aa drones and when my money very LOW they send the mino's in CHARGE LIKE A PACK OF RINHOS ........................ BUT NOT AS FAST !

THIS IS MY STAT : i build normally windtrap then barracks then havester , war factorie then machine gun posts



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here we go, first of al my favorite and unstopable hark bo lol,k make sure this is on qm sets (for u newbs out there qm=quick match which is 6k pre and 5 units) K heres what u do, first u build a factory, then upgrade your reinfery, then build 6 scouts then infatry which go like this: u have 2 options, first of all build all hark light infatry, or two 6 light infatr then 2 troopers, and do that the whole game. send your scouts out, then take your starting units and send them to the front, waypoint your buidling to where thosr units are, by now your fact should be done, build it then upgrade your reinfery again. For the tanks build ALL BUZZSAWS NOTHING else. As soon as your fact is done build a. a sardukar barrecks if ur facing ordos or hark or b. a fremen barrecks if your playing an atr. waypoint your fact to your units postion. By now u should move your force near your enemys base preferably by infatry cover, and put your waypoints there. WHne ur sard or fremen buidling is done build it waypoint it and build eitehr regualr sards or upgrade it and get fedyakin. O yeah one thing a little earlier if your playing an atr u shoudl neak your missle to it and kill it kamazaize style if u have to. Then when u have a sizable force attck as long as u keep buildign all the units u should be able to take them out   strats  


there ya go its always fun to help a newbie

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more strat

Well the best tactic i have is the "Air sonic tank" which is what evelded calles it.

Some others of mine are:

2."the deviator deployment" which basically is me dropping a deviator in their base. it works better if they are hark and have devastators. Because i take'em over and explode them.

3."The Kobra and Mortar sabotage" which is when i put motar men and kobras on the sides of the base and shoot over the rocky cliff side hitting their base. this is evelded tactic too.. we both use it sometimes.

4."The eye in the sky rush" when the piss you off and you want to blow them the heck up.. you should have 6 or 7 eyes built.. then send it to their base and reak havoc.

there if ya want more go to www.m3command.8m.com and go to hwhats goin on and theres alot of strats check them out

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Atreides, hmm...

It lies on what amount of money you start. But mostly it is 30000 (many prefer that)

Build first a windtrap :P,and then a barracks. But some scouts (5/6) and send them to each corner/edge, to find the enemies base(s). Then build about 5 snipers and put them at your entrances of the rock cliff of your base.

Then build some groups of kindjal for defense. And then more snipers and lots of kindjals (in groups of 10) and place them everywhere in your base (and some at your spice field). This will do with the early rushes.

While building infantery, build the factory. And build some Mongooses. You can place some at your spice field for defending against air-drones. The build alot of Mino's. For the main defense

After the factory build the Outpost (don't underestimate this one) and then the Refinery and upgrade it. Build then a Hangar, and build many AirDrones (15?) Keep building kindjals/mino's and continue with the structures. After the hangar build a Fremen Camp/Sardaukar Barracks (if you can). And then build another Refinery and upgrade it. And then build the other subhous-structures/starport (palace).

Don't forget to place scouts at your entrances and other defense stacks. Or around your base.

While doing this you can work on an attack. First study your opponent, what he/she do...

Some attack strategies:

- Use the good old APC + engineer drop with the Carryall

- When the enemy is slow in building, build a group of kindjal + snipers and attack...

- Take a group of AirDrones and attack any save spot with enemy Air-Units

- If you have Fremen, call Shai-Hulud and swallow the units on the sands (harvesters :D)

Well there are lot more but you have to found out yourself. I can't think right now about many strategies for Atreides. My side is with Ordos. But good luck.

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