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hello Guyz Serious help with keyval.h


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hi guyz

i have the dune 2 source

and when i compile it it says it missing the header file keyval.h

i went to check and its really missing

i cant find it in my project nor where i download it from

can any one tell me where to get it or how to fix the problem

so the game will compile at my VS 2008?

thx ipfront.


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i know its clone version - but still it needs to work

if i want to work on it i need that clone version working on my computer

and it doesnt work so im seeking help - if any one can give a hand

does any one have that version and the header file keyval.h is working

etc do you have that file?

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You have to compile it with MinGW32. I believe keyval is not used anymore. I have stopped using Visual Studio , since I wanted to use Eclipse as my IDE.

If you checkout the latest revision you can find a build sub-directory with some clues how to compile it for MinGW32. It might help you compile it on Visual Studio (though I haven't tried it for a long time).

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