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  1. i know its clone version - but still it needs to work if i want to work on it i need that clone version working on my computer and it doesnt work so im seeking help - if any one can give a hand does any one have that version and the header file keyval.h is working etc do you have that file?
  2. http://dune2themaker.googlecode.com/svn/trunk maybe its not the one? if there is another place to download do let me know thx for the try m8:)
  3. Posts: 1 hello Guyz Serious help with keyval.h
  4. hi guyz i have the dune 2 source and when i compile it it says it missing the header file keyval.h i went to check and its really missing i cant find it in my project nor where i download it from can any one tell me where to get it or how to fix the problem so the game will compile at my VS 2008? thx ipfront. Mghammer
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