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Life, the Universe & Everything: Fenceposts at Dawn

Dragoon Knight

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"So you really dislike the Stupid hat, huh?" Dragoon asked nonchalantly, putting said hat down next to a hitherto non-existent intra-dimensional portal.

"You're stupid enough as it is; the hat only exacerbates matters," Dante retorted, his tone heated due to returning from a low orbit of rage.

"Bit harsh," came the muted reply.

"Hello, my name's Dante, I thought we'd met," joked the purple one, crashing through the sarcasm-laden ionosphere.

"I thought you'd be all for the exploration of other points of view," Dragoon rallied.  "You don't get much different than the Stupid hat."

"It isn't exploration!" Dante exploded, ricocheting back into rage-space like a flat stone skipping across a pond.  "It's stupidity, dressed up in drag to look like intelligent conversation!  Any school of knowledge that subscribes to the notion that repeating a quote over and over will somehow make it apply deserves to be super-bombed."


"Like firebombed, except so much more fire."

"You do like the fire."

"I do."

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"But surely it can't all be arrogance and pretense?" asked Dragoon, once Dante had reached sea level. "Why would the Stupid hat cause someone to start a conversation criticising science for being unprovable, when it isn't even able to justify its own beliefs?"

"Because it's called the Stupid hat."

"I thought that was just because it was pink with neon green polka dots."

"I'll polka your neon," Dante threatened.

"Seriously, though," Dragoon continued, heedless of Dante's unscheduled re-launch from an already tumultuous ocean, "the arguments put forward while wearing the Stupid hat must be tongue-in-cheek. They're trying to criticise proven facts and widely-accepted theories... with what? Conjecture?"

"Every time I think about it, another brain cell dies. FYI, I just forgot my tenth birthday." Dante simmered.

"But the core definition of belief is holding something as true without needing proof..."

"Goodbye, first visit to London..."

"...I'm reminded of Plato and the allegory of The Cave..."

"...last Tuesday, I knew ye- wait, Plato?  Oh hell no."

"What?" Dragoon questioned, train of thought derailed.

"As if quasi-religion weren't bad enough. By golly I'll show you..." Dante growled from geostationary orbit, reaching through the HANDY DANDY intra-dimensional portal and grabbing the Stupid hat.

"This cannot end well..." Dragoon said quietly, as the grotesquery in pink and neon-green was planted firmly atop Dante's head.

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Elaborate yes. Sane manner, not so much.

I admit that ID and naturalism are both as valid as eachother as theories, but ID is soooo much better because theologians have already got all the answers. HAHAHAHA YOU'RE ALL DUMB AND YOU CAN'T SEE IT. I can't imagine what that must be like.

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But that's self-contradictory.  Theologians haven't "got" any answers at all, for the value of "got" that actually matters.  All they can say is that a leap of faith is needed.  They can't prove anything, and all you're effectively saying is that "it's impossible to do so, so why bother"?

To say that scientists and followers of ID are even scaling the same mountain is an insult, and a gross misunderstanding.

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