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intel core 2 duo 2.8ghz

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You can have the best processor in the world, if you don't have a good videocard it's useless for most 3d games.

and it's not a computer you are asking about, just a cpu. So give us more details about the computer and we can tell you if it's any good  ;)

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thats all i know about it guys, its a normal desktop computer brand new. intel core 2 duo. dont know the sepcifications on it or anything. Most likely its like millions of other dell computers with the same cpu in it. Just curious as if anyone knows what they actually put in them factory wise, and if it would be able to run games okay, not looking for a dominant gaming system, just something that will let me play comfortably.

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If you've got the cash to spend on a tailored PC that you want to game with.

I highly recommend you don't get a tailored pc, as there's usually a restriction on upgradability and or they have some annoying onboard vga that u cant disable or sucks ass performance wise..

Instead talk to a few ppl about hardware specs..

The core components that usually matter the most for gaming pc's are

Cpu, Gpu, and Ram.. Depending on the games your playing and the details you want from it..

Try start with something like this: 

ATI hd4870 or Nvidia gtx260 for Gpu

Core 2 Quad/Duo Intel Cpu or Amd Phenom x4/x2 Cpu

4-GB of Ram

550watt power supply or better

A good mainstream motherboard (asus p5q/k series are ok)

That should let you max most recent games out easily..

So start from there and wok your way down to suit your price range..

Or move up if your planning on playing games like Cysis

seriously though,  tailored pc?  eeiiuugghhhhh!!

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If it's a basic dell computer it probably comes with intel graphics, which you can't play new games (with decent graphics turned on).

Not sure why you'd buy a computer not knowing the specs and asking if it can play "games". There is no way to give an answer without detailed hardware info. Yes the processor is capable of playing new games, assuming the rest of the hardware is capable of playing games. No good graphics card  = no brand new games to play.

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If it's an onboard videochip you can't even play most of the older (3d) games.

I can play games up to ~2004 on my gma965 x3000. But can't have graphics set on max otherwise it is slow. Basically I can play neverwinter nights 1 with almost max graphics with not much lag. But I tried playing FEAR demo and had to turn down graphics all the way (making it pointless).

If you get a recent intel onboard, you could probably add a year or two on. Some cheap computers are still selling with my video card (x3100). They're not made for playing games, mostly for basic stuff such as video playback etc.

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I'm not that intelligent about what systems will run what, thats why I was just curious to know if it was feasible to even take the time to load the games i'd be playing. the old computer i had about seven years old played emperor and world of warcraft just fine..lol so thats all i was really asking. as far as new new games, i dont know if im going to be even interested in something new.

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Intel Core 2 Duo 3.33GHz Processor w/1333MHz FSB

4GB RAM     

500GB Hard Drive   

DVD+/-RW Optical Drive     

256MB High Performance Digital Video     

22" LCD Digital Flat Panel     

Speaker Bar for Flat Panel     

XP Pro or Windows 7 Pro - your choice     

PC Tools Spyware Doctor w/Antivirus 1 Yr     

USB Keyboard / Optical Mouse       

3 Year Warranty

this is what im getting sounds decent?

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Sounds good.

Although more info needed on "256MB High Performance Digital Video"

That could be the same old intel video card I have in which case you can't play games older than 2003. Or it could be a decent ati/nvidia which would allow you to play games released last year (with graphics turned down some).

Pretty much a regular computer nowadays. Not necessarily what would be branded a gaming machine, but if vid card not intel you could probably play games with graphics tweaking (or get better vid card later). I don't know much about playing modern games.

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