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Video Card on Asus P5nsli

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So I'm considering an upgrade of a video card tomorrow (I currently have Nvidia Geforce 6200SE jacked in) and I've been thinking of a good budget card.

And yeah, I'm no good at hardware, so uh, is Inno3d 9400gt compatible with my mobo? That particular card's caught my eye because it's pretty cheap here in my place.

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Asus P5n-Sli, yea i'm pretty sure another pci-express nvidia based card will do fine...

You may even be able to use the old one as a secondary card if the drivers don't dispute...

Just make sure you have enough power and connectors if needs be..

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So yeah I got me this Inno3d 9500 gt (512 mb, ddr3) and everything works just fine, except for Warcraft 3 which tends to spark a BSOD regarding "nv4_disp.dll" and a page fault something (can't remember clearly), but when it comes to other games like Supreme Commander, Dawn of War, or even Left 4 Dead 2 nothing bad happens the game's smooth sailing. And the BSOD has a 20% chance of occuring, :(

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First of all, make sure you remove the old video card if you haven't already.  I imagine you've only got one PCIe slot, but having two nVidia cards of different makes in the machine is never a good thing.

Secondly, make sure that you fully removed the old nVidia drivers from your machine.  Ideally, this should be done before you remove the old card, but you can do it just as well now.

First, and most importantly, download the latest drivers for your card from the nVidia website.  There's a pretty cool set of dropdown menus to choose the right card, OS, etc. so it should be pretty straightforward.  Save it to your desktop or somewhere easily accessible.

Then, go to Control Panel, then Add/Remove Programs under XP, or Programs and Features under Vista / 7.  Check for the nVidia entry and uninstall the display driver only.  Once that's done, restart your PC.  When it boots up, the graphics are going to be borked, but that's normal.  Cancel any pop-ups that say they've detected new hardware.

Now run a tool like DriverCleaner to remove all traces of previous drivers.  Once that's done, you can install the new drivers.  Let your PC restart and you should be all set.

Also important is updating things like DirectX and your audio drivers.  Chipset, too, if applicable.

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