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need help stopping the hark rush!

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In my opinion, light infantry are useless against Hark.

You need either kinjal or Minos right away to stop the Hark rush.  If you get kinjal, also build bikes, and surround your kinjal with your bikes so his units can not fire at your kinjal or run over your kinjal unless they go through your bikes first.   As long as your kinjal are deployed in the right spot and surrounded by bikes, the Hark units will blow up.   If he brings in Inkvine into the rush though, then you're gonna have major problems if you try using kinjal/bikes instead of Minos.

Here is a tip.  If you are playing Quickmatch games and you get rushed, you can quit the game if it is under 3 minutes into the game, and you won't lose any points.

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Okay, we don`t want flame war in strategies forum, this is going to nowhere.

Infantry indeed don`t works very well, cos harks have a lot of flame stuff.

Against early rush, build a lot of mangooses, you can build few turrets. Put snipers on the rocks, they kill anti vehicle infantry and shot with mangooses to vehicles. If you build a few bikes, you will kill with them infantry too.

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Don't worry, it is removed ;)

Building Mino's is indeed the best thing. Cause Buzzsaws and Infantery are very vulnerable for it. But Snipers combined with Kindjal works also thus. And they get very experienced. Place them also near the spice fields. When the enemy sees that he/she can't attack your base, and so attacks your harvesters

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