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On 1/28/2020 at 10:57 PM, Dmitri Fatkin said:

Do we have someone here who's aware of what bytes & at which offsets are responsible for a character's willingness to follow the player?

Is there a chance you could provide the exact version 3.7 offset which is responsible for the definition of Game Stage variable, along with initial associated data contents by the time when the game starts? Thank you. :)

hey, it's been a while since i was last poking around inside this game, but my understanding is this:

0x00 to 0xff of the data segment contains variables that can be checked as dialogue conditions. these conditions are defined in condit.hsq and referenced in dialogue.hsq. i think characters being willing to follow you is always controlled by dialogue.

i think these are consistent between different versions of the game, except the demo. 0x2A is the current game stage and 0xC2 is used for the phase of the final attack on arrakeen.

this is followed by the location data, troop data and then character data.


all of this data is compressed and stored in save games, as well as dialogue data. i can't remember if there was anything else that gets saved.

i've included some of my fragmented notes and an IDA database (from an unpacked duneprg.exe in version 2.3) if these might be any help.


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On 4/17/2018 at 8:55 AM, nifelheim85 said:

Hello to everybody

I have a trouble with both the editors.

Referring to the website https://sites.google.com/site/duneeditor/savegame-editing-v2 , I have everytime crashes after modifying the savegame file

When I use the savegame editor (CD), it modifies the geometry of the palace (I can enter in not-discovered-yet rooms, and after that, I'm not able to enter in the weapon room. If I try to speak with hara, the game crushes)

When I use the savegame AIR editor, the game crushes if I try to join the mail hall of the palace


Someone else had this kind of problem, and how did you solve? 

I was thinking that maybe the problem is my version (actually, according to the savegame file, il 3.7).



Hello. When you're making extended save file modifications, you'll actually have to maintain the consistency between controlling value containing the amount of bytes by which it's got expanded due to game progress/data uncompression and its actual size affected by manual edits. The problem is due to the above editors not updating that value, unfortunately. It's specified in the 5th & 6th bytes of saved game file, preceded by either 0xF702 or 0xF701 bytes sequence. The default value of fifth byte is 0x1B in version 3.7 and 0x59 in version 2.1, with saved game file sizes being 9,563 bytes for DUNE21S0.SAV and 9,757 bytes for DUNE37S0.SAV (with rare exceptions). The easy solution is to not be adding weapon items the initial amount of which equals 0, as every time you do that the file size will be affected by the utilized RLE decompression.


On 7/17/2018 at 2:23 AM, itwhite said:

 Hi Guys,
There has to be a section in the save game files which stores who is in Paul's inventory.  I've been messing with the save games, and somehow i've "lost" Gurney and Chani.  The troops tell me he's excellent at training them - but he's not in the Sietch.  He's nowhere.  Chani was lost at about the time she should have tending to the ill.  I noticed her bug, she appeared visible on every screen until Duncan took her place, then she vanished.  
Has anyone found in the save files where the non-troop characters (Mum, Dad, Gurney, Chani, Harrah, Duncan, Liet, Hawat) are located?


That information is stored after the ending of Troops data, at offset 0x2377 in version 2.1 and offset 0x243B in version 3.7.


The detailed description is as follows:

The first byte is sprite identificator of the character.
The third byte is location of the room within the place.
The fourth byte is type of the place the character stays in (that byte is specified in field C of sietch data).
The 6th byte is used to determine whether a character is active (it's hidden when it's set to FF).
Also serves as a pointer to the exact place the character is at.
The 7th byte refers to the NPC the player will have a dialogue with upon clicking the sprite, it's also linked with the last byte (either 92 or 93).


Duke Leto Atreides:


Jessica Atreides:

Thufir Hawat:

Duncan Idaho:

Gurney Halleck:

Gurney Halleck in version 2.1:


Stilgar in version 2.1:

Liet Kynes:



Baron Harkonnen:

Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen:

Emperor Shaddam IV:

Harkonnen Captains:


The Fremen:

The Fremen:


As for the error, it most-likely occurred because you've changed the look certain location is decorated without updating the associated data for particular NPC. Their residence place types (the 4th byte in the above description) are actually required to be updated in order to see the NPC in new interior.


On 7/7/2019 at 2:28 AM, UnicornGraveyard said:

So, the Fremen units you get from liberating Harkonnen fortresses don't appear in any of those lists. Are they randomized? I think you are guaranteed to get a troop whenever you win a battle for a fort, but I think if you take over an abandoned fort, there won't be a Fremen unit there.

You'll actually be always recruiting a group the ID of which stood first in the list of location's housed troops, with Population, Spice Mining and Military skills proficiency randomized. Ecology parameter, however, will be inherited from the original Harkonnen troop.

Another interesting fact: the Harkonnen troops always travel in about 8 seconds time span from one location to another, regardless of whether they have an Orni.


hugslab: Thanks, your notes were interesting to get acquainted with, along with looking at comprehensive reverse-engineering job done.

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On 12/16/2020 at 6:56 PM, Dmitri Fatkin said:

Ecology parameter, however, will be inherited from the original Harkonnen troop.

Another interesting fact: the Harkonnen troops always travel in about 8 seconds time span from one location to another, regardless of whether they have an Orni.

Interesting indeed, both facts are unexpected to me at least.

Also, good reverse-engineering work :)

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