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Dune 2 - Sound Issues


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Your best bet would be to make a post in the Dune II Board, which can be found here.

Never played anything before Dune 2000 myself, so can't be of much help personally.  Have a look around the various threads on that board as well - chances are that someone will have had the same problem.

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What choices have you made in the Dune II setup program? Once you get the sound patch (either official or the unofficial one), you can select multiple sound devices, most of which are supported by DOSBox. I suggest you select Sound Canvas or MT-32 for music, and Sound Blaster/Pro for sound and speech (make sure you enable the emulation of the appropriate Sound Blaster device in dosbox.conf).

Otherwise, have you checked if music is ON in the game options (OPTIONS -> Game options)?

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I can get all sounds by using VDMSound and putting the "sound" (actually Music) to Sound Canvas (option 6), and the rest to Sound blaster Pro.

This doesn't even need VDMSound, but without VDMS you don't get the (generated) sonic tank sound.

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