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Tournament replacement?

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I wasn't on when the tournaments all got started.  I have read some posts where Voodoo was going to try and find replacements. If you still need a replacement for someone, I would like to throw my name in the mix. Keep in mind I play as Warlord nowadays.

My son(who hasn't set up an ID for  the forum yet) is also available as a replacement. He is more at a beginner level. He uses my old Desertway nickname.

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lol i would take it easy with dune old lady's  limiano

they are not young and playfull like u ..

some are over 35 yo  some have big family's and work . some even

with health problems .. believe me limiano age dosnt make life easier

like they say .. its a lie ..... so much for an old  video game


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Looks like it was supposed to be Scar n Schorpie vs leo n spicy. If indeed that is correct I wouldn't mind at least a game or 2 with Schorpie b4 we go straight into tourny. 9pm - 3am(GMT) is usually the time frame I am able to get on. Weekends I can go few hours earlier or later.

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Sorry guys, I've been VERY busy with work. If NO ONE has been able to get a hold of Scar, then It's ok with me if Des (Warlord) steps in for him. Thanks Des.

Also I might take you up on your offer of letting your son sub as well in the "mere mortal" section. I will let you know.

As to Banning people, my opinion is still that this is just a game and life comes first. I realise that it inconveniences a lot of people when just one person is a no show, so in  future Tourneys I will put a large announcement in the first post asking people to only join if they are reasonably certain that they will be able to play. I think that will be enough, given that I am not critical with time limits.

Both Whistler Crysknife, and I have been incredibly busy lately, and I for one will not be free to play until the weekend of the 23/24th.

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i also think players that failed to participate in this tournament should be banned or go to a play off with other FADER players that just sloth around.to qualify for next tourny

Well personally I was looking forward to the tourney and had every intention of fitting it in, even if it meant a few nights of short sleep.

But an unforeseen incident at work suddenly increased my workload and an injury to my back means sitting at the computer is now a painful experience for any period of time, so all my gaming has been curtailed.

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