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New Dune Series Announced: Paulus of House Atreideus


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From an inside source I know over at Dunenovels.com, I've heard that Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson are planning a new series of books that explore the supposed mythological roots of house Atreides.

It is rumored that the novels will take place during the Trojan war, and will follow the life of a little-known son of Agamemnon, Paulus Atreideus, a commander in the Greek army at Troy.  It is rumored that it will explain the very beginnings of the fighting style which came to be known as the Weirding Way.

Brian Herbert had this to say:

"Right now we're looking at a series of around 7 books, probably in the range of 800-900 pages each.  We're also toying with the idea of maybe sending some thinking machines from the era of the Butlerian Jihad to try to assassinate Paulus.  The main thing that drew us to the idea of taking the series this far back was the idea that there are about 22,000 years between the Trojan War and the time of the original Dune, so it gives us the opportunity to explore the history of the Atreides family and write as many series as we feel like.  Right now Kevin is kicking around the idea of writing something that takes place during World War 2, and he's even suggested a cross-over series in which thinking machines from the Butlerian Jihad travel back a long time ago, to a galaxy far far away, and end up founding the Empire from the Star Wars series."

There are also even fainter rumors of the possibility of a "Servants of Dune" series which follows the history of Shadout Mapes.

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It is not right!They want to justify the Atreides origin from Agamennon....it is a lie like the origin of Pyrrhus of Epirus from Achille.

Before you take it too seriously, think about what day it is...though I don't know if it has as much signifigance in Italy.

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