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Frank Herbert's Dune Online


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Anyone here play Frank Herbert's Dune Online? If so, please post your character name here, and we can play some time!

Frank Herbert's Dune Online Username: xgmx

Frank Herbert's Dune Online Character Name: xgmx

Reenactor On-Line Username: xgmx

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If indeed that is supposed to be a "company's" website, and by chance a member of it (at what ever level of authority) sees this post, here's a little friendly advice that you should try to take as seriously as possible, and not get defensive:

-Your site is terrible looking, does not function well at all, and no one is going to take you serious at all with it looking like it does. Honestly, it looks like a 13 year old signed up for a free site as a poorly implemented joke in the year 1997.

-First, fork over the small amount of money for a real site that either has no ads and popups, or uses ads more descretely, intelligently and usefully.

-Either develop, or have developed a real design for the site (visit www.99designs.com and similar sites to find a designer to do this for you if you do not have any in house), or if you must go with a template (if you're actually a company this should really not be necessary), be sure to fill out little things like "(Name / Company)" and "(Email Address)" fields on the front page.

-Be aware that clip-art is not exactly an "acceptable" form of decoration for a site anymore, if you want it to be professional.

-For those links and "activities" on the site that are *not* ads, get rid of them as well; if your site distracts the users with functionality that has nothing to do with the site, why they're there and why you want them to be there, then said functionality should not be there.

-If these things are "in the works" then your webpage should not be publicly accessable until they are done, tested, debugged and generally ready for others to see and use.

That should be enough to get you started.

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