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  1. So you deleted the board? Please bring it back.
  2. I got like two bugs...I don't remember what they were now...
  3. http://www.reenactor.cz.tc/ The company that made the game. The game itself doesn't have an official website.
  4. Apparently, from what I can ascertain, FED2k used to be part of a large network of websites called the Westwood Underground, apparently there were (and possibly still are, I haven't tried the other sites that are/were in the network yet) several sites, for various games by Westwood Studios, including a site for Command & Conquer.
  5. Well he still pays for it, I mean if he gets a bill about his website in the mail, I think he will remember it and be like "oh yeah, I forgot", and then go on.
  6. Well I shouldn't say never, he used to go on the forums a lot back in 2007.
  7. I tried leaving a message on his guestbook, but he has "guestbook post validation" on, where he has to personally validate each post before others see it. Which may be difficult if he never goes on his site.
  8. I know several sites in which the owner/founder/admin/webmaster still pay for the domain, but they never go on their own website, they just pay for it (or if it's free, just do nothing with it).
  9. Once the admin realizes that it is down, he will fix it.
  10. It was/is a very active forum, it's been giving that same message since late 2008.
  11. Anyone here play Frank Herbert's Dune Online? If so, please post your character name here, and we can play some time! Frank Herbert's Dune Online Username: xgmx Frank Herbert's Dune Online Character Name: xgmx Reenactor On-Line Username: xgmx
  12. What about the Westwood Underground? edit I'm sure there are other fansites out there. For example, the SS Free and Usul.
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