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Dune related 3D models pool


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Hi all,

I've made a research about this topic in this forum and also in google, but could not find any 3d model pool for all the

dune developers/modders out there.

So - I've decide to open one (with the blessings of the forum managers, I hope)

I've attached a zip containing:

1) dune2 Quadbike

2) dune2000 Windtrap

both in SKP (google's sketchup 3d format)

Please add more models if you got any !

dune2 quadbike and dune2000 powerplant.zip



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(If you want people to look at your models, it's kinda expected that YOU make them available in a common/standard format.

Cheetah3D user here. ;D )


I totally agree with you that this format is indeed not common (I also use OBJ..), but I've decided to keep

it in its original file format since im not fully aware of how the file is exported, and whether any important data is lost on the way.

Anyway, I should state that these are not my models. I found them on google and uploaded them for the benefit of all  ;D

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Well, thanks anyway. I had no doubts it was fucking there.

The zip file worked fine, and I found a rar expander for the Mac that actually worked (evidently my old copy of StufftIt was the problem), but I misunderstood it to be a 3ds file, not a 3ds Max (3D Studio MAX) file, so same shit or not, I can't import it. (Or the MD3 or PK3.) Oh well.

The game animation in the avi was interesting, though. ;)

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Well...obviously you can't tell a 3d-file from a pair of socks

Or maybe .max isn't a file format that my Mac app will import?

Either way, at least I'm not a dick who's obviously spent too many of my 29 years playing computer games.

By the way, you might want to throw an index page onto your webspace.

<img src="http://skrie.danoli3.com/new1.jpg" />

-Chig 8)

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hey, chig, are all 3d game modelers, or whatever it is he's talking about,

that irritable ?

I don't think I have any 3d-files, but I've got an old musty

pair of socks I wore in the cavalry boots for about a week

I can send you for comparison.

But really, stop wasting this dude's time.  He's obviously a busy man.

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Or maybe .max isn't a file format that my Mac app will import?

Maybe... if you use a MAC it's time to admit that you're no part of the world

and that obviously you can't open the files that everyone else can.

My site has no index because I use it as a file-dump and I got nothing to hide.

I don't need no Japanese retard "who can't open a rarfile" to tell me what to do.

Anyways... I can tell this forum is full of crap. Probably having 400 posts here makes you

into some kind of untouchable god.I regret I came here in the first place.

So long and thx for the fish you suckers. Why don't you all go make another 20 dune games

that look exactly the same but have "multi unit select". Fucking retards.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I downloaded the Mac version of Blender back during the recent ... um, unpleasantness? ... and had a look at it.

I guess I've just gotten used to the simplicity of the Cheetah3D interface. Blender seems so ... busy.

Are .3ds, .obj and .blend the only options you have?

I can import/export .3ds, .dxf, .jas (Cheetah3D native format), .obj, .sia, .stl, and .fbx; import .lwo, .svg, and .pdf; and export .3dmf, .h, and .rib.

(And, yeah, some of those I have no idea what they are. :P )

Are there any interesting ornithopter models floating around that you know of?

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